Surviving the first weekend

Ok, important tip to lower frustration and help preserve what little sanity you have left. NEVER start pumping on a Friday afternoon without someone to talk to over the weekend. My CDE had me down for CGM training, not pump training.

My first infusion set got clogged, my boluses were not delivering ANYWHERE near enough insulin, I had trouble getting the priming done after I changed sets, all those rookie things… By 10pm on Friday nite, I had disconnected the pump and taken my normal Lantus and Humalog so I could finally eat something.

I went to bed, and literally woke up at 2am knowing what I did wrong on priming. Hooked everything back up and went back to bed… of course the error I made was I had Lantus on board and was pumping. Woke up Saturday morning with BG level of 40. Now, personally, I’m not the most rational person at a level of 40, so I ate way too many carbs and suspened the pump. Couple hours later, I’m at 330. Bolus wizard says to take 9, I end up at about 250 a couple hours later.

Now, I’m normally a pretty patient person, but the frustration is starting to set in at this point, so I decide just to let the pump do its thing, checking my sugars more often and bolusing as it says I need to. I get thru Saturday and Sunday, sugars are high, but trying to hang in there until Monday.

Come Monday morning, I fax in my logs and wait to hear back from my CDE, which I don’t… /grumble

Tuesday morning, I go vote (I voted for the lesser evil, if you must know) and fax my logs in again, asking her to call. She does call a couple hours later and we adjust my carb ratio so I get bigger boluses. We also decreased my basal rate overnite from the normal 1,45U to 1,3U. Now to patiently wait for a day or two and see what happens. I swear this feels like a blind driver being given directions from someone who is giving directions based on what he can see out the back window…

I’m cranky and just tired from my sugars being so consistently high for the last few days. I’m sure we all went thru similar things

I guess that’s a good idea to not start pumping on a Friday! I hope you get it ironed out soon. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert. I usually test 2 hours after eating, to see if I need a correction bolus. Depending on the time of day, I’ll take .5-1.0 to take me down 50. I’m sometimes really incorrect in my carb counting.