Suspend delivery

new version of suspending delivery on Loop is to just pull the Pod off.

■■■■. If anyones around to talk me through this…My bg is low. Gonna try to get the omnipod receiver up and running. Haven’t done this in 6 months. BG = 45. I pulled the pod off, so no insulin is being delivered.

Ok, I’m gonna talk my way through this…
1.) get loop basals out of phone
12am 1.2
3am 1.5 (that can’t be right, no wonder Im low)
6am 1.95
12pm 1.05
5pm 1.3

2.) Find batteries…
3.) Eat bread
4.) Smoke cigarette
5.) re-find battery
6.) Set date and time. CHeck
7.) confirm basals in receiver are close enough

OK. Back in business…