Suspend technology

Has anyone ever used the suspend technology in the 630g? I will be starting on the 630 soon and was hoping it might help me for me lows.

I think it might be the same as 640g here. That being said yes, I’ve used it and seems to be working fine. Haven’t had any major hypoglycemia episode in some years but still helps a lot when running.

I am (obviously? lol) not a Medtronic user (or parent of such). But from reading, the 630G and 640G are very similar. One difference is the 630G will suspend the basal delivery when a low BG is detected. Whereas the 640G is a bit more advanced and will suspend the basal delivery based upon a prediction that the BG will be hitting a low.

As I read, the 630G algorithm is more similar to the 530G algorithm.

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