Sweet tooth


i still love to eat sweets... is it bad? how much is too much?

It’s a fine line but I’m better off if I include it with a meal. And forget having a lot of sweets in the house. My will power isn’t that great.

I’m not huge on sweets but occasionally I like them. If I start getting that craving, I just plan around the sweet. Like, I’ll eat this Cadburry Egg, but I’ll have to have salad for dinner or something like that. As long as you aren’t constantly spiking yourself or NOT getting your other nutritional needs, sweets are fine, in my opinion. You just have to learn to compensate for them. I’m not saying eat cake with every meal, but a Rice Crispy Treat is really hard to turn down! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing… It’s clear to me now that 1 serving is ok :slight_smile: