Sweet tooth

Victoza taken morning pills taken need breakfast have to check blood sugars first here goes…13.2 no wonder I feel out of it,tempted last nigh by chocolate Cadburys whole nut naught I know but I thought just a bit might not do any harm but it never stops at just a bit does it,your palette takes you back to when you were a child and that first taste of chocolate embeds itself in your your brain somewhere, the milky sweet taste the pleasure it brings my Angel was a bit of a devil last night feeding me chocolate as you can see from my blood sugar my body is now playing the price for a one night stand with a chocolate bar was that good for you love lights a fag big smile on his face and he is king of the castle,sorry getting carried away there for a while the night in white armour was not far away.

But it is easy to be led astray and I need no enticement I can do that quite happily on my own thank you,but it goes to show how easy it is to forget the diabetes I did not sleep well at all last night so another factor to input into the equation,eating that late anyway is not good for you so I have been told,difficult to get out of a lifetimes habit of midnight feasts with the one you love they say the good things in life go first,my dancing feet well all I could do was the twist no matter what music was played then the legs my cricketing days were gone then the shoulders my discus days were gone then my eyesight my archery days shot into oblivion day dreaming here could not dance never played cricket only at school and never seen a real discus in real life watching it on the telly is not the same is it,one thing not affected by my conditions is my imagination the chocolate is no more why do manufacturers not put a health warning on the labels stating this chocolate might be nice but it can seriously affect your blood sugars or is that being silly.do I have breakfast or not I need to take insulin but it needs something to get it’s hands on ok convinced myself toast it is with an insulin chaser to follow.