Has anyone used this? It’s liquid Splenda. I like it, works well, is supposedly only sucralose & purified water.

BUT, I don’t want to sound paranoid or alarmist, but I was curious about all the misspellings on the web site and did some digging. I think this is an offshore company…should I wonder about safety?

This company, too - https://www.ahfni.com/store/

I haven’t seen any warnings about Sweetzfree. I use Fiberfit from netrition for some things. It’s also zero carb liquid Splenda & very concentrated.

Hi Gerri! How are you? Yes, I just ordered Fiberfit from Netrition. I look forward to trying it.


Doing fine, thanks.

Just read your post about your combo success. So happy you’re doing well!

i bought liquid splenda but not from this company. My concern is adding all that liquid to a recipe.
Mine is from Torano’s

I don’t know about Torano’s, but Sweetzfree & Fiberfit are super concentrated. You just use drops. For the equivalent of a cup of sugar, you only use about a tablespoon.

Splenda is produced by substituting chlorine for hydrogen-oxygen in the sucrose (sugar) molecule. The chlorine is stable & allegedly doesn’t break down in the body & passes right through unchanged.

If you drink unfiltered tap water & shower without a filter to remove chlorine, you’re taking in a lot of chlorine.

I don’t drink tap water either & have a filter on my shower also. So much chlorine added to water in my area that hot water smells like an indoor pool! I almost fainted from chlorine fumes before I got a shower filter.

Don’t understand your defensiveness. All that was stated was that the chlorine in Splenda is allegedly stable.