Swim with infusion/ CGM sets

I use the Cleo 90 infusion set for my pump and the DexCom 4. I used Tegaderm over the CGM site and nothing over the Cleo (usually hasn't been an issue). Went swim for the first time since started pumping and I noticed when I got out, both sites were very soggy and would have pulled out had it not be a change day.....any recommendation to help with securing sites while swimming? I thought the tegarderm/ skin prep would hold better then it did :(

Have you tried not using the Skinprep before? I found that the Skinprep actually didn't adhere very well to me and would cause the sets to come off prematurely. Since I've stopped using Skinprep the sites last much longer, and I can easily go swimming (both in a pool, and in the ocean) without any issues.

The Tegaderm over top should help, but you could also use some first aid tape if you find that you need additional adhesion.

here are some suggestions for adhesives and how people are using them


I agree with Rich, I usually dont use any skin prep or even tegaderm, i just swab the skin with an alcohol swab to clean the skin and then put on my set. i dont have many issues, if i see my set is coming off after time in the water, and it should last some more times, i just put tegaderm over it after swimming.