Swimming and Feeling Low

My son Griffin is 8 years old and he is on a swim team. The other day after he was in the pool for an hour. He got out he felt really low. We checked him and he was 65. I usually make sure he has a high enough blood sugar that it won't drop dramatically while in the pool. Does anyone do anything special before they go swimming? Do you eat something or have some type of ritual to keep you from going low? I am open to all suggestions. Thanks :)

Being on a pump, I usually start with a 150-180, then stop the pump about 30-60 minutes before jumping in.

I test at the 1/2 ,have fast acting glucose,continue. I am a type 2. Would a few sips of juice get him through without a low? Nancy

If he eats before he swims, use less insulin. I would guess 30-50% less, but you have to test and learn. Make sure to write those numbers down,- makes life a lot easier. I would also recommend to test after 30 minutes in the pool. If he´s low use å few sips of juice.

Thank you so much. That sounds like a great idea.

I will try the sips of juice. Thanks :)

Is Griffin pumping ?? that is key, because the Lantus cannot be turned off.. depending on how technical you want to get, I agree with the one comment about writing this stuff down so you can make intelligent decisions later on.. the things you will want to make note of, is all prior insulin injections, and prior food intakes and what the food was exactly.. then take some blood sugar measurements before and during and after.. if you do this once, then you will probably feel good the rest of the swim season.. with the blood sugar measurements beforehand, don't just measure once, this tells you nothing, measure at least twice, maybe separate by 20min, so you can see the trend, would be nice to wear the dexcom so you can for sure see trends, .. and then measure middle, and then after measure again a couple of times.. depending on the activity, he could be going low for the next couple of hours

Yes, Griffin is on the Omnipod and on Dexcom. Thank you so much for the info that is very helpful :)

You could also reduce the basal to 30-50% 1 hour before swimming. You have to reduce the basal 1 hour before because it takes 1 hour before the effect takes place. And again,- test and test and test again and make notes.