Swimming FAIL!

I thought I’d packed everything I’d need for myself and 2 kids and 2 hours at the pool… I grabbed my “car trip” meter, some glucose, and my insulin pen, just in case we decided to snack. An hour into swimming, the lifeguards call a safety break, so while we’re out of the water I go pull out my meter, open the vial of strips… reach in, and it’s EMPTY! Argh… doesn’t do much good to bring a meter and nothing to test with!

Good thing I wasn’t worried I was low, I just wanted to know where I was since I Had nothing better to do… I was 103 when we got home an hour later, so it was okay in the end… but I think I should get into the habit of making sure there are plenty of strips with the meter before I go anywhere!

I wouldn’t call that a FAIL. I’d call that a D**N IT! Most of us have had similar disappointments. I’m Glad that you weren’t low though after swimming. I remember when I was a Kid, sometimes I could barely pull myself out of the lake. I was so weak from lows. Anyways, I know what you mean. When I want to know what my sugar is, I have to know. Great that you had a Fun Family trip and that your sugars were okay.

Definitely a Good idea to replace the strips when you use the last one and to check your medical stuff before you leave your home.

same thing happened to me a while back. now when I start a new vial of strips with my main meter at home, I switch the whole kit with my meter I keep in my purse. That way I always have plenty of strips in my purse meter kit.

I went to the store on Sunday, taking my meter with me because I always do. I know I tend to go low in the afternoon so I am at the store and my CGMS starts beeping at me. I go to test and no strips in the vial. CRAP! I ate some glucose and left the store to go home and get strips. Now I have a new vial in my backup pouch I carry in my purse.