I put in a comment earlier today that I have been called a “strange” diabetic by a couple of doctors who have treated me over the years. I was called that once because of the amount of insulin I had to take to keep my BG stable. There was a time when I was taking almost 300 units of U-100 R everyday. I’m not blowing smoke either. This was the endo who put me on U-500 insulin so I could drop the number of injections I had to do each day.

I have also been called strange by another endo because of my “swings”. I will be going on just as happy as can be. BG as steady as could be. A HgA1c of 5.3 and then all of a sudden without changing anything the bottom falls out. I have not had one of these episodes on over a year. I guess to day is just the day. BG 99 before breakfast. Regular insulin (100 u of Lantus) and the same breakfast I normally eat (1 egg scrambled with 1 piece of toast w/margerine and 10 oz of OJ). Two hours later my sugar was 48 and sweat was pouring off me. For the next 4 hours it was a fight to get the BG above 85. Now 9 hours after breakfast I sit a 154 and have barely eaten a thing. But I know what is coming next. By the time I go to bed in about 4 hours my BG will be back in the toilet.

These swings make me feel like crap. I feel like I just went 10 rounds.

But over the years I have been on insulin I have come to expect these swings from time to time. In the period BL (before Lantus) this happened once every three months. When I first started isulin this event was more of a monthly thing. Hence the title of brittle a doctor put on me once upon a time.

The swings usually take about 36 hours to steady and go back to normal. All I could ever do was do what I usually do and test, test, test and test.

So I know what I’m in for tonight. Be afraid to go to sleep for fear of my BG going low.

This is what my diabetes does to me. What is your story? Blog and tell us.

If I mispelled anything please forgive me. Another casualty is my ability to focus (head and my eyes).

Lantus is what is called a “human” insulin - supposed to be near to exactly the same as human insulin, but there is nothing human about it except that it is made by man!

I have had really bad symptoms with it, hypo or high up to 9 times a day on a bad day. I was found by someone whom I had never met, nor have met again, stuffing sweets while sitting on the font in a local church. He did not ask me whether I was diabetic or what insulin I was on but told me! Long story short he put me in touch with an organisation campaigning for the rights of patients to choose which insulin and other treatment they could use. They are only small - run out of a garage - but boy, they are the best thing since sliced bread!

Apparently some people are so sensitive to these things that the “human” insulins are way too strong for them and some people are actually allergic to them! They sent me their literature and it felt like I was reading my own medical history in there and I have been a staunch supporter ever since.

The doctors and nurses at my local hospital refused to entertain the idea of me going on to pork insulin - stating that it was no longer available, and then when I proved that it was, they said that I might be allergic to it! I said that I would like to take that risk but they refused to provide it. Then they refused to see me at all, because I was “non-compliant”. I went 18 months without a doctor or nurse to help me, my own general doctor would see me from time to time but each consultation would start with “I am not going to discuss diabetes with you!”.

I finally got put on the pork insulin and it was far better! I still get swings, but not as violent as with Lantus. And I am down to 2 or 3 hypos a week! I have to travel a long way, but my mother lives part way so I stop with her the night before (a good excuse to check up on her as she is not getting any longer) and take a bus the rest of the way. They are excellent and I am finally getting the care I need.

I strongly recommend that you look up the website I have given! It will change your life for the better! They are in the UK but are international now and will send you their literature.

Thanks latvianchick. Actually I was the opposite of you. I always had lows and could never get really stable on pork or rDNA U-100. The first resemblance of “normal” for me was when I went on U-500. Still had these issues just not as often. Then when I went on Lantus they stopped almost completely. Cycles went from monthly to quarterly and then to every 6 months on Lantus. This is the first episode I have had in over a year so I am not going to fly off the wagon just yet. I am going to contact the organization you spoke about. If nothing else just to get the information to read. The more information the better.

Thanks again and I will keep you folks informed. My BG this morning is 80. Low in my desired range but I will continue to be on the testing wagon all day today.