Switching endos

Well I finally did it. After 20+ years with the same endocrinologist I switched. Although I have seen him off and on for 20 years we never really connected. It's not like I wanted him to be my best friend or anything, but heck I just started carb counting last month and that I did on my own, it wasn't his suggestion. I'm not entirely sure the replacement will be an improvement but she is younger and a woman. Of course I don't have an appointment until December anyway so I'll figure it out then. In reality at the clinic one deals more with the CDE anyway and she is terrific so I shouldn't complain, but we all pretty much have to be our own advocates so I am happy with my decision.

Way to go Claire! I had a sort of chequered medical history, in that I spent quite a few years with *no* doc, as Walgreens was really good at refilling rx's without me needing to see her (GP). Then I went to another GP, who I liked a lot, but I was sort of "freestyling" and just guessing what to do. Eventually, things weren't quite working so, inspired by my friend's wife, I got a pump, which required a move to an endo. I figured the younger, Indian doc would 1) be easier to get appointments with than the old, white guy and 2) be more malleable and submit to my bestial demands for test strips and other rx issues. She was very good at math, not totally experienced with a pump but my A1C got online quickly and I liked her and continued with that paradigm to pick docs.

I had no clue about carb counting until I got a pump but it made sense once I started.

Thanks, like I said I am happy with the decision. And you're right what I need is an intelligent, malleable doc who has no issues with writing rx's for strips or pods or whatever I need. Actually my original endo was fine with writing rx but had no imagination and very little personality and I accidentally got a copy of a clinic note he sent to my GP and it sounded like he had seen a different patient, not me.

Sometimes, I'm like "the doc should be like Harry Potter" and wave his/ her wand to make me better but, when I saw the head of the endo dept. @ one place, he was very remote, used interns, provided no info, etc. There is an enticingly posh place in a neighboring suburb and sometimes I think I'd like to switch but it's on the opposite side of town from work so it'd be less convenient and my doc is pretty cool w/ our relationship. She was helpful and proper when I had an issue last year but those seem to be the exception, rather than the rule?