Switching from Apidra to Novolog

I am currently on MDI with Apidra, but will be switching to Novolog in the pump I am going on soon. Anyone have experience with a change such as this? Any major differences in peak, duration, etc? Thanks!

Why not use Apidra in your pump? I do :slight_smile:

Your experience will be unique, but I’ve tried Humalog, Novolog and Apidra, and this was MY experience:

Humalog had the fastest onset of action, and the shortest duration of action, although when I wore a pump, sometimes boluses would burn, but not usually.

For me, Novolog was as slow as Regular, making me wonder why I needed a Rx and was paying twice as much for it. I did not have any blood glucose drops for at least 3 hours, and it generally lasted about 8-9 hours for me. I absolutely hated Novolog, but their pens were well-made and convenient. When I was pumping, never had issues with painful boluses using Novolog. As I said, your experience might be quite different.

Apidra was the second fastest onset of action, and had a slightly longer duration of action than Humalog, but nowhere near as long as Novolog. I had less issues with painful boluses, but with the pen, depending on the angle of my injection, sometimes they could be less comfortable. Generally, I found it fell in between Humalog and Novolog in terms of speed, duration, bolus/injection comfort. The only downside: the Opticlick pen was a piece of crap, but supposedly they have a new pen that’s much better than the Opticlunk.

The endo I work with does not like Apidra in the pump = says their experience is that after 2 days BG’s were going high in her pts pumping with it. She prefers Novo apparently.