Switching from Cozmo to Medtronic

I will admit I am not used to it yet but Ive recently switched my Cozmo to a Medtronic 722 and am very unhappy. The problems I am having is its harder to keep track of records,Blood Sugers and Bolus amounts.My Cozmo I could just go to history and it would give me each record as I scroll down.The Medtronic I have to look at the meter for BG then go to pump for bolus numbers.I guess I can get the same info its just more work than the Cozmo.Then today I was having a large supper and the max bolus you can have is 25 units.I guess if I did not have insulin resistance it would be no big deal but for me, it is a big deal.Why would they make a pump were you can not control something so personel?I called medtronic and the guy told me I would have to take two boluses.Sounds like hassle to me.My doctor wants me to make this switch but so far I am unhappy.I guess I will get used to it and learn to make do but my question is- What have other Cozmo users felt about switching.Were you happy.Did the medtronic seem like trading a BMW for a Ford Pinto.Thats how I feel right now but its only been a few days.I am hoping soon I will be happy once I learn the new system.

Did you get trained by a professional person , who is familiar with a MM product ?
I can’t answer your questions about switching and what it entails …but my up front thought is : you need Medtronic pump training and or use their website …hope you find someone who can mentor you .And maybe eat smaller carb meals …just a thought .

Brad- I made the switch 2 months ago. While there are minor issues with the 722, like 25 unit max, I am happy with it. I would say when you get more used to it the difference would be more like BMW to a Cadillac. There are things missing but it isn’t a bad car. Alot of what is missing you can’t see unless you look past the good paint job. I use the double bolus for large amounts. It works but isn’t as nice as say a 32 unit one time bolus. The other thing I noticed is that the bolus wizard doesn’t always calculate the active insulin as part of the new bolus. I have found this works better. I don’t like the quicksets as well as the cleo’s, I tend to have absorbtion issues on day three. Dave will be quick to tell you to use sure-t’s instead. I haven’t tried them yet. I love the Carelink system, although I had to get the CGM to get a free upload device. That seems a little cheesy but is normal for the industry. My first contact with MM was in May and I have yet to receive a way to send in my cozmo they say it takes 30-60 days to send out a mailing pack, I am on day approx. 90. The frustration with making the switch under the MM Cares program has been my only real frustration with MM. Customer service has always treated me well and worked to resolve my issues. But I do miss the level of care at Cozmo. There is a lot more red tape BS at MM, it isn’t as simple as working with Deltec.

Thanks for your responce.I do get frustrated very quickly and I am sure once I learn the ins and outs will be happy.I should have said some of the things I like about the 722.Its thinner and ive found when I roll over on it at night it does not wake me up as often.and it seems easier to load as well. I will be happy if I can keep my A1C tests as good as when I was using Cozmo. I guess with Cozmo no longer offering a pump this day would have come sooner or latter.

Yes I was trained by a professional trainer,although that does not mean I picked up on every thing.I feel that comes with time. Also I am a large man standing
at more than 6’5" I do eat big meals.Not every one is 100 carbs but I do eat around 225 carbs a day. My question I asked on here was for mentoring,From people who had switched.

"And maybe eat smaller carb meals "

Wow … that kinda misses the point. With an insulin pump, you should have the flexibility to eat what carbs you want and when you want them – as long as you watch the glycemic index and your wight.

The 25U limit is a definite downside – especially for those with insulin resistance.

I am switching from a Cozmo to a 722 this month - once I use up all of my old Cozmo supplies.

Four years ago, I selected the Cozmo because (1) it is waterproof, and (2) Cozmo’s customer service was hand-down better.

The waterproof feature is now not so important. Turns out, I never wear my pump where it will get wet.

As for customer service, the Account rep at Smith’s Medical went to work for Medtronic about a year after I got my pump. While investigating the 722, I found that she brought her sales team along with her. All is good. When I ordered my pump, they were super-responsive. I had my pump the day after it was ordered.

Thank you!!

I wanted a Cozmo when I first started pumping but found out that they were no longer selling them.I can understand your frustration,my Dr. steered my parents from Minimed saying there was better options.I cant tell you what he meant by that. I got a Animas and love it.Good luck with the switch.I hope you find some answers on here.

I made the same switch about 6 months ago. I try not to compare the pumps too much-- because I really, really love the Cozmo and given my current situation (the country that I am now living in) the MM722 is really my best option. Since Cozmo was my first pump, I also got really used to the menu structure and liked it.

The switch went rather smoothly for me for most things (I think it was partially due to forced optimism). But I agree with you completely that I could get a lot more useful info from the Cozmo pump, as the memory was significantly greater. Downloading the Cozmo could give me a detailed view of my life for the past 1-3 months.

Sorry that I don’t have much advice. Just know that you are not alone!

I am replying to you Brad , however hope that Micheal B reads this as well …firstly I apologize for answering : I have learned my lesson here !!..I did not switch , so had no reason to respond , other than I like to learn …secondly I take in daily approx 170 grams of carb ( during the past 31 days ; it has been hot here and usually closer to 190 grams ) …much shorter than you ( 5.'7 “) and female , but actually relatively speaking not that many fewer carbs than you …I guess where my confusion and learning process is coming in is : my daily total insulin take is under 20 units . I should have read your discussion better …you have to work with " insulin resistance” as well , hence your 25 u concern …

No need to opologize,you did nothing wrong. Any help you can give would be great. I have had a few bad days myself trying to figure out this pump and have been on edge so I apologize myself for not thanking you for the advise you did offer.Thank you.

That reminds me … there was a serious flaw in the service at Smith’s Medical. I was very interested in the software capabilities of the two pumps. The people at Smith’s Medical insisted that they would be introducing the same software in Canada that was available in the US. For at least a year, I continued to follow up with them. There response was always “it will be available in approximately one month”. Eventually, the cancelled the introduction of the software.

Brad, I switched from the Paradigm 715 to the Cozmo (so switched in reverse) and share your sentiments. I felt like the Minimed was pretty and sleek, but the Cozmo was everything I wanted a pump to be. When I made the switch off of Cozmo recently, I ended up going with Omnipod even though Minimed was asking me to come back. I just couldn’t do it. For me, after 8 years with Minimed, they were like that high school sweetheart that you’ll always remember fondly, but from whom you just needed a more adult relationship.

That being said, it sounds to me like you could really be taking better advantage of the Carelink software. A lot of the info that you could access on the Cozmo device itself is right there in beautiful detail if you were to upload your pump data to Carelink regularly. Though web-based and friendly only with Internet Explorer, it’s really a great program. They have graphs, your standard deviation, etc. I think it might help you ease the transition. You can see total daily dosing, modal trending…it’s worth checking out in greater detail.


You mentioned that the CareLink software is “friendly only with Internet Explorer”. I think that is what the specs say, but I have been using it with FireFox for 3 months and I do not have problems. I just wanted to throw that in because I didn’t want someone NOT to use it because they despise IE. When you bring it up, it will say not compatible, but I assure you it is.

Oh, cool. I tried it with Firefox about a year and a half ago before I left Minimed and was unable to access it. Firefox is a lot more ubiquitous now, thankfully, and it sounds like MM updated it perhaps. Of course, now I’m using Chrome. Gotta be difficult, don’t I?

Yes, you do have to be don’t you? LOL! I don’t think it works on Chrome, or it didn’t three months ago. I think Chrome is built on Mozilla engine so maybe it will also work now. I don’t like Chrome, but that is a separate discussion altogether.