Switching from Dexcom to Minimed Paradigm Real-Time

Okay after losing my Dexcom(did really lose it I lost it because we moved and my old doctor needed the system back) and having another sever low I am going to go with the Real Time system for Minimed (I have a 722 pump so it just makes sense) But I just have some questions. I just got done with a 7 day trial (with the RT system the one that is hooked on like a pump) so I know the sensor is supposed to bleed.

Is the transmitter water-proof (I mean REALLY!)
Can you apply IV 3000 and/or Tegaderm over the Transmitter?
When you are in the shower what do you do with your pump?
How far can you really have the pump from the Transmitter? (they say 6 feet but thats not always true)
Predictive Alerts: Can you set multiple; like one for 30 then another one for 10?
Can someone send me a picture of the the transmitter charging PLEASE?!?!