Switching from lantus to tresiba or toujeo


been using Tresiba for 11 months now and like it much better than lantus. but still have to eat right. at a restaurant I’ll take 4 units of fast acting and have fried fish veggies no desert and all is good till 1am when meter goes up over 200 and does not go back down. very delayed reaction on my digestion. am learning when I don’t eat perfectly I need a smaller 2 nd shot of fast action around 11pm. just me


I have the same issue. I attribute this to my Gastroparesis. Since I got a CGM I have been able to follow my trends much closer. I have always injected immediately before my meal, but even with that it does not follow my blood sugar as I wish it would.

I have started taking my fast acting about 20 to 30 minutes after a meal. This usually gets me back where I want to be in about four hours or so. I have had some lows when I take my insulin before I eat. You might want to try something like this.


thank you for the answer. it helps to take the humulog after the meal but it will still creep up late and stay there till 4am too often