Switching from Omnipod to Minimed Revel?

Anyone out there care to share their experiences in switching from Omnipod to Minimed Revel?
We just made the switch. We are excited in one way but a little nervous in another. Any advice would be appreciated.
Also, Do you like the switch? What are the advantages/disadvantages that you have found in your experience?

I haven’t had either, only a MM722, but I’ll bump the thread back up. I’m pretty sure there’s a few people who have made the switch around?

I have not switched, but I do have the Revel and love it. It’s the second Minimed product I’ve had and I’ve generally found Minimed to be very reliable. The products are sound and while there can always be issues with any pump, I’ve had very few. All pumps operate with the same basic concepts. What kept me away from the Omnipod was the significant number of reports I’ve seen from people regarding pod failures. I go into DKA very fast so my endo did not feel that the Omnipod was a good choice for me.

Also, the pods themselves are fairly large and I’m a very petite person; the sample pod I got seemed to stick out way too much under my clothes.

Yea, they do. My daughter is very lean and can only wear them on the bottom. They always ripped off during normal play on her arms.

I put her on her Revel Friday even though I was technically not supposed to until training (which is today).

I noticed an immediate difference in control. for the better!

This is for all who are interested in the discussion: A very interesting thing to note in the major difference I figured out with these 2 pumps: when Omnipod calculates the correction bolus it uses the LOWER end of your target.
Mary’s target is 100-150. Minimed calculates the HIGHER end of the target. I was floored. This explains why Mary’s corrections always seemed too strong! And her doctors NEVER MENTIONED IT!!

Hi MarysMom,

So does that mean that the Omnipod was overcorrecting or minimed?

Sounds like the Omnipod was over correcting.

Re: Correcting to low end of target

That Omnipod corrects to the low end of the target is technically not true. Omnipod does not have a target blood sugar range. It only has One target to correct DOWN to. So the setting for your daughter SHOULD have been to correct down to 150 mg/dl. If reverse calculations are set to be on it will also correct UP to whatever you set that at which in your daughters case would be 100. If the Doctor had written the order correct and/or the trainer who set the pump up initially had set it right it would have corrected DOWN to 150 mg/dl and UP to 100 mg/dl. Basically the two different pumps do the same thing but need to be programmed differently and if the Doc and/or trainer has patients on different pumps they have to know the difference and set them appropriately.

I do however have a major critisism about how Omnipod tracks the insulin on board. It does not include any of the bolus amount for carbs. Basically on an OmniPod they assume you will count carbs right 100% of the time.

Thanks a whole lot for explaining that. I came away from pump class today still not quite understanding but you explained it very clearly. All I know, is this. Last night Mary was a little high and I thought I would compare the correction bolus’ of both the PDM and the Revel. Same settings in both, keep in mind.
The PDM gave her a correction of .9. The Revel gave her the correction of .5. To me that is a big difference.
Today she was put on the Revel. The trainer kept the settings the same and we’ll go from there to see wether she needs to make an adjustment.

As for the way Omni pod tracks the Insulin or board, your explaining was extremely helpful because I was a bit alarmed at how much Mary seemed to have on board today, yet she had no lows!! Thanks soooo much for your contribution!

Hi Jodi,
In my laymens terms it seems that with Omnipod her corrections were too strong. I really appreciated MossDog’s explanations. It makes real good sense.

I really like this Revel. Now I know exactly where I stand with Marys insulin on board!! Wow~