Switching from the pump to the pod

I was wondering if anyone has switched form using the pump to the omnipod. I absolutely hate being connected to my pump 24/7, being snagged 24/7 and having nowhere to hide it. I would go back to shots, but I always forget to do them and I like the control my pump gives me. Any feed back would be great. Im going to the endo in November so I will ask her, although Im sure she will think Im and idiot for even thinking about it.

I don’t thiink you are an idiot. I am serioulsy considering a pump, but can’t begin to consider the tubing, etc. I am really interested in the pod. I asked the company for a demo. My doc didn’t have one in his office Insulet sent me the demo and I really like it even more. I am supposed to call this week to set up an appoitnment to go back in and talk about it with the doc. I wish you well on your decision and would like ti very much if you come back and let us know how everything went.

i use the OmniPod and absolutely love it. I am a college student and it gives me so much freedom. I was never on another pump , only shots. I always forget i’m wearing it, and you can’t really ever see it under clothes . I also am a athlete/ workout-aholic :slight_smile: and i’ve never had any problems with it !