Switching Pumps

My daughter is on the OmniPod and wants to switch to a tubed pump (either MiniMed or Animas). She gets very itchy rashes that linger for many days with the Pods. Any advice for her from people who have switched? I'm afraid she will switch and then she wants to switch back. Obviously i will let her know if we switch, it is for a good amoutn of time. Anyway, advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

If her skin is reacting to the adhesive of the pods, this may happen with the infusion sets of other pumps as well. How long does she wear each pod? I have an Animas pump and I only have itchy feeling sites if I leave a set in longer than four days. Have you tried wiping the sight area with Skin Tac (an iv prep wipe) before putting on the pod? I was told that it creates a barrier between the skin and the adhesive, which reduces reactions. It also makes the adhesive stick on better. Seems a bit conflicting, but it works for me!

I have talked to a few parents with kids on pumps. Most said their kids preferred the Animas because the menu screens were easier to follow. And they come in cool colours :slight_smile: