Switching to Lantus and Humulog

We do the switch this weekend. the diabetic nurse said that before my husband Dennis can get a pump, he must have his glucose levels under control. I am happy about this but a bit nervous about figuring out the amounts. Den gets mad when he is high so I hope it doesnt' take long to figure out.

David's levels had leveled out, but I am beginning to wonder about the honeymoon getting less as his morning numbers aren't as low as they used to be, but I haven't had to feed him in the middle of the night in a few days. Daytime numbers still seem the same.

I started back on the treadmill yesterday, I have to take this weight off and get my numbers down. I want so much to do the activites that I used to love but can't do as easily any more and I am tired of feeling thirsty and tired all the time.

Life continues but it seems so complicated and exhausting some days. Change usually equals stress so I pray I will have the patience to deal with Den and the changes this weekend.