Swtiching over to soy milk

We are in the process of switching over to soy milk for a number of reasons…but have one small problem. The only way it is sold in our area is in 1/2 gallons. We have a refrig that is on it’s last legs and not real dependable. We’ve learned to buy in small quantities, and shop often for fresh things. So I am wondering if anyone knows if soy milk is freezeable. What I want to do is store 1/2 a gal in the refrig and the other 1/2 in the freezer. Has anyone had experience freezing this? Please share your secrets with me. Thanks

I don’t drink or eat soy, so don’t know the answer to your question. But I freeze fresh milk all the time, I just put it in its carton into the freezer but you have to remember to get it out in plenty of time or defrost in the microwave. I also buy long life milk as this will keep out of a fridge until you open it.

Soy milk is NOT freeze-able…But it is not as parishable as regular milk, it has no dairy at all

It’s possible to order a case of soy milk in the shelf-stable or aseptic containers and have it shipped to you.

Just as an example:


My son is allergic to regular milk, and we buy the no-refrigeration-required-until-opened stuff, similar to what JeanV describes. We go to Dollar Tree (the “Everything’s $1.00” store) and buy WestSoy soy milk in mass quantities… a dollar apiece for a 32 oz. container. It’s got 6 carbs for an 8 oz serving (compared to 13 carbs for regular skim milk… just checked our fridge).

Be careful with Soy Milk though. Every manufacturer has their own secret blend, some are sweetened, some are vanilla, some are regular but taste very different from one brand to the next. (Calcium and fat content also varies).

According to the Dollar Tree web site, they have a location in your town in South Dakota.

It is freezeable. Most milks are though I have had a problem with ewe’s milk as it is very high fat content and separates on thawing and nothing short of a miracle will get it to come together.

My goat’s milk supplier has recently sent around a questionairre asking if we would like to see smaller cartons - half a litre, a pint, and my answer is an emphatic yes!

I use 8th contenent light soy milk. I freeze it all the time. It will separate, but a few good shakes will take care of that. I use Almond Breeze too. It stays separated after freezing.

HMMM this is all food for thought. I checked the soy milk website and they say the brand I am looking at, the only brand in Aberdeen, is NOT freezeable. This would be a great change in our food budget so I need something that is long lasting, even with my refrig which is on it’s last legs and not totally dependable at this point. The powdered form sounds promising, the next time I hit the dollar store I’ll check it out. I can use skim, or regular milk, it’s the idea that this was available, possibly better for me than regular skim,which is freezable. Wish we could get it in smaller containers and try it first. My son and DIL use it all the time, and love it, but they use a gallon a week, I am the ONLY one who drinks any kind of milk in this house, and can’t do 1/2 gallon by myself. Another diabetes headache I didn’t need.

So how long do you think it would last in a refrig

The dollar-store one I described is NOT powdered. It’s a liquid, but doesn’t require refrigeration until opened. I’m sorry if I didn’t explain it well earlier.

My mom makes her own soy milk. It is a bit of work but at least you know exactly what goes into it.

Soak soy beans over night, then rub them to get rid of the papery husks. (I loved helping mom do this as a kid.)

Whizz up the beans in a blender, stick the mush in cheesecloth and squeeze out the milk. The remaining curds are, I believe, great pig food if you happen to have a couple of those in your back yard.

Boil the milk until it loses the raw taste.

I don’t know if it’s freezable as it never lasted that long in the fridge anyway. But I should think freezing it would be ok?