Symlin and exercise

Eat less and exercise more, the key to weight loss. I love the appetite reduction with symlin. 15 mcg works for me and I dont seem to have the lows like 30 or 45 gave me. Ive been on it for 3 weeks now, lost 2 lbs the first 2 weeks (forgot to weigh myself this week). How do you add exercise into the equation? Timing seems to be so important with this stuff.

I simply skip my Symlin if I’m going to exercise. My exercise is almost always aerobic. And I try to start with BG at 140 or so. I have to reduce my basal, and skip my bolus anyway. Symlin would, I suspect, end up in a big crash.

Even light exercise on weekends (mowing the lawn, e.g.) means I skip. I’m at 20 mcg. Been on it for 3 years. Wouldn’t be without it.