Symlin in Vials Discontinued

After a quick search of the forum, I see this has been mentioned briefly, but I hadn't picked up on it until my pharmacy was unable to fill my prescription for Symlin vials. If you get your prescriptions filled through Express Scripts, they've just been telling people that Symlin isn't available when you try to get the vials filled. It wasn't until I tried to get it filled at a local pharmacy that I got the whole scoop.

Symlin Vials Discontinued:

Now I have my shiny new pens in hand, but no tips, so I guess I get to call the doctor again. And another reminder to folks that you can sign up with the Symlin Support Program and get a free pen case and coupons, among other things, if you haven't already.

I realize I am probably one of the last holdouts still using the vials, but in case there are others, there's the info.