Symlin Patient Information

I’ve attached some of the downloadable information that is available on Symlin’s website for reference here. Notably, this includes the patient information brochures (in English and Español) as well as the FDA information disclosures (again, in English and Guía del medicamento en Español). Apologies for the last one being a link, but I’m only able to include 3 attachments per message!

I have listed the genetic structure of Symlin (pramlintide acetate) below. For some reason, this information is not often published in many other documents:

9128-SYMLIN_Patient_Brochure.pdf (3.02 MB) 9129-SYMLIN_Patient_Brochure_Sp.pdf (662 KB) 9130-SYMLIN_Medication_Guide.pdf (234 KB)

Here’s a “Consensus Development Conference on Pramlintide in the Management of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes” published by The Diabetes Education Group (TDEG) published in June, 2006.