Symlin Pens are easier to use

Hi, I have been using symlin prior to meals for over a year now and I’ve been bending the needles in getting the proper dose. Since getting onto the Pen the problem has been solved and easier in my life. A little bit of training for those who haven’t the pleasure of the Pen’s, and when you go out to dinner everyone thinks it is only a “Pen”. Take care, Gus

Hi Gus -

I’m on Symlin, too, and I use the pens - they’re great.

So a whole year on Symlin - how has it worked for you? What dose are you on? What benefits have you noticed?


I have noticed that it has helped in decreasing my appitite to a degree with hardly no ill effect. Only a couple times it made me so sick that I lost a couple of meals to the porcilin god. But other than that is has been great. I’m on 120 mml, the most the pen goes up to. I traded the use of syringes for the pen due to the bending needle aspect, that happened when trying to get symlin out of the bottle. What I have noticed is the drop in looking at food and taking smaller meals to fill me up.

But I hope it continues and I hope I dont have to keep adding more and more meds to control my diabetes. Every morning when I take my meds it feels like a small meal in itself. At times I feel like putting the pills in the coffee, stir it and drink it down that it would be a whole lot easier. lol.

My new GP asked me at my first visit what a certain medication was for and I couldn’t figure what it was for, I said the doc’s prescribe and I take.

Well I better get a cup of coffee and keep on posting and looking. Take care Gus

Hi Gus - thanks for the response.

I’m on 120 mcg as well. Since I was already on a very low carb diet, hunger was not really a problem. My main goal was to reduce my insulin because I gained weight from the insulin, which in turn required more insulin, and so on (insulin resistance). So far, that has worked. I’ve reduced my insulin quite a bit (some days less than half) - and the result is that I’m slowly losing weight. I will say, however, that the appetite suppressant has lowered any desire for snacks.

The only other medicine I take is metformin, insulin, and Vitamins. What else are you taking?