Symlin Safety

I have heard about the recent issues of certain patients using Byetta and experiencing pancreatitis. Since Symlin is somewhat similar to Byetta, has anyone heard of a similar occurrence? I’m wondering if excessive alcohol consumption played a role in the diagnosis of pancreatitis. My endo mentioned to me that there are not many Symlin users out there and since it is a fairly new hormone, we don’t know what the long term side effects will be. Is another one else worried about continuing with Symlin?

I guess it’s a matter of weighing the risks and rewards.

I hadn’t heard that about Byetta… How similar are Byetta and Symlin particularly in their composition rather than what they are supposed to do?

Byetta is not really similar to Symlin, for one thing, as your doctor correctly noted, Symlin is a synthetic version of the human hormone amylin which is manufactured by the pancreatic beta cells that also produce insulin; Byetta is not. By comparison, Byetta is a man-made medicine that the human body does not make at all, even in patients without diabetes – its not a human hormone. Also be aware that the safety risks of Byetta have not been never been found with Symlin, including pancreatitis. Symlin is the only “drug” other than insulin approved for use by patients with type 1 diabetes. The main issue with Symlin is that many users have found that treating lows can be very challenging, so that’s important to keep in mind. Some people find the issues of trying to juggle replacement of two hormones is a hassle and the incremental control isn’t worth the effort; that’s a call only you can make.

I wasn’t before reading your comment. I am now. I had pancreatitis when my triglycerides hit 5000. For 6 days Dr.s and Nurses questioned my alcohol consumption, and I don’t drink. No one believed me. My Dr. has been keeping a close eye on that area now that I am on Symlin. It is hard to tell if my belly area is tender since that is my injection area 7 times a day. I am amazed I don’t leak more often. It has helped me with weight loss, so I am not complaining yet.

Symlin users, lets all stand up and let our voices be heard and counted. There are more than that Endo doesn’t know about how many really use symlin. I guess if we had a blog just for those who use it to put their names it would be a long one and if printed up and sent to your Endo he would be surprised. I’ve been using symlin for about a year now and so far I haven’t had any side effects yet.

i have used symlin for at least 2 years. never had any side effects. im curious to know what the main reason each of us have for using it. i had hoped for weight loss. didnt happen but i have not gained at all. my a1c has gone up to 10 on last check. not good but, you know, holidays & such. i now experience hungry & full. that is awesome. so what have others experienced???

I’ve used Symlin off and on for 2 years now. It helped control spike for some meals, and caused some nasty lows for others. I didn’t lose any weight nor have any other major side effects. I’m curently not using it. I didn’t get much loss in my A1C either. For me it wasn’t worth the effort.