Symlin update...crazy readings

Last night I went up to 30 mcq from 15 mcq. Well I was at 367 at 6:24pm by 8:15pm I was down to 54. That’s with taking both a correction dosage and insulin for meal was a total of 19 units. Now this morning I was at 156 at 8:15am but now I’m at 322 at 10:56am. This is crazy. I’m now having to take a correction dosage for that. I retake it at 1230 for lunch.

For a moment I read that last line as your BG reading after lunch being 1230!!

I should have said I’ll retake it at 12:30pm for lunch.

Maybe since symlin delays the stomach empting…it is a timing issue…you insulin peak is not matching when the glucose hits your system…causing the crash and rebound?