Symlin with pump?

My doctor has one again asked me about Symlin. I really wasn't interested mainly because I am now on a pump and REALLY enjoy not taking 6 shots a day any more! But it is interesting because it could better help me control my diabetes and help loose weight. Are there any pump users out there using Symlin that coudl give me some input on whether it is worth it to take 3 shots a day! Do you have to stay on it long term or is it something you can do for a while? Does insurance generally cover it?


I am on Symlin and the pump… I take less Novolog in the pump because of the 60 units of Symlin I take 2-3 times a day. It DOES make a difference in my numbers, and yes, I did lose (most of ) the weight (12 lbs) gained, from Levimir, before I went on the pump…I have 4 lbs to go.
Give it a try. I started with 15 units and every 3 days increased it 15 units until I reach 60. My Insurance covered it with some prodding from my Endo.
Good Luck…

Symlin with a pump here too. Not done me anygood in the weight dept–but killed my spikes :slight_smile:

I don’t quite understand how someone not on a pump could figure Symlin out. I’ve been on it just over 2 weeks now and loving it. I’ve lost 7 lbs without trying - but I’ve been trying to not gain wait for 18 months as my weight has skyrocketed. I didn’t change anything, except adding Symlin with the same diet and exercise I’ve been doing for years.
I’ve also had exactly 1 high in the last 2 weeks (234), and have ranged from 50-140 the rest of the time, insulin regime needs to be worked out to avoid those lows, but I’ve done that, I think.
I take it twice/day - in all of my attempts to lose weight, I’ve cut my carbs so far back I’m not eating enough to take it 3x day. I don’t officially eat enough carbs to take it twice, but lunch and dinner are close enough. It’s a PITA, especially if you go out or have business meetings like I do. But, it’s worth it.
My insurance covers it, but not by much. My $75 co-pay (for 3 months) for insulin and $150 co-pay for Symlin.
I highly recommend reading Jason’s blog and a serious talk with your MD. Mine handed me the pen, said take before you eat and you might want to 1/2 your insulin - this advice is pathetically lacking!

I’m on a pump and just started Symlin about a month ago now. I think it’s definitely worth it!! My appetite has decreased so much I’m amazed. I eat about half of what I used to and my after meal numbers are a lot better too. I’m actually excited to find out my A1C when I go back in a couple months. I’ve lost around 13 lbs so far, but to be fair, I was really sick with strep and didn’t eat a whole lot for about a week during this time period (but on the other hand, I haven’t gained anything back since I started eating regularly again either). It doesn’t make me nauseous, just gives me a full feeling which I could NEVER seem to achieve before.

My doctor gave me a voucher for two free trial pens (note: you do need to get the pen needles separately) so I would ask your doctor about that to give it a try and see if it works for you. Just using Symlin in this short amount of time has convinced me to keep using it. I picked up my first paid prescription today and it was the same co-pay as my insulin ($50 for a month long supply). I don’t think you necessarily NEED to use it long term but as long as you continue to see a benefit from it, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to! :slight_smile: And also, there are times I don’t use it (either I forget it when I’m out for a meal or am not eating much to begin with) so you don’t have to take it strictly 3 times a day.

I have never heard of Symlin. I take Humulog in my pump,… so, do you take humulog in the pump, plus 3 shots of Symlin daily? Is Symlin strictly to assist in losing weight? Sorry, I can do my own research…but, just thought I would ask… thanks. Amy

yes, from what I understand you can not take it with the pump, shots, I think at meal time. It is supposed to help with blood sugar control and weight loss

Yes, I have Humalog in my pump and then the Symlin is an injection pen. My doctor said I can take a dose every time I eat 30g of carb or more. I generally just take it with lunch and dinner. They recommend T1s take 60 mcgs so it’s not like insulin where you have to calculate a dosage each time (you do have to start out at 15 mcgs and then work your way up to the 60 over a few weeks). I guess it slows the emptying of your stomach contents so you don’t get such a large spike in your blood sugar and the added benefit of the slow stomach emptying is feeling full faster and longer (which leads to the weight loss). I know that people who don’t need to lose weight still take it just to reduce the spikes. You also end up cutting your insulin down to about half your normal dose.

I hadn’t heard of it until recently either and I am surprised it’s not more common since it seems to be somewhat of a miracle drug for me! I’m hoping it’s not too good to be true…