is anyone else on symlin? just asking. i take it in addition to my novolog…

I don’t take it but I’m really interested in it. I’d never heard of it, like so many other things, until I joined this site! Have you experienced any scary lows with it? And do you think you have much better readings with it?
I know I spike too high after meals…
I use a pump and love not giving shots anymore so I want to know if the added shots would really be worth it.

I started taking symlin last year off and on. It’s hard to get it sometimes and get insurance to cover the cost. My endo put me on it because my blood sugars were spiking really bad after meals and i was showing signs of insulin resistance. I haven’t had any scary lows to the point I couldn’t take care of myself. It does make you sick to your stomach which makes you eat a lot less… which is good and bad. My control is all out of whack right now and I am trying to fix that with the symlin to see better numbers. I do see much better numbers after eating, the post meal spikes have been much steadier. I would give it a shot!

I am. I only take it at lunch and dinner as it still makes me nauseated in the morning. It really helps with the blood sugars and esp. the amount of food I eat. I’ve lost 15 lbs on it since Feb. Should be more, but I don’t exercise as much as I should, and I’m over 40, which makes losing weight even more fun