I saw my endo yesterday and he said I might need to try this stuff soon…wondering if anyone is on this or knows anything about it???

My blood sugar is stable until the first meal of the day and then it sky rockets. I usually have a protein shake (2-4carbs) and some sort of complex carb…waffle…cereal…never more than 30 carbs. My insulin:carb ratio is 1:10 and he doesn’t want to make that any more sensative. We are playing with my basal and if that doesn’t work he wants me to try the Symlin out. It apparently is an appetite supressant and can prevent up to 50 pts of blood sugar rise. (so I’m usually going up to 225-300 so it would bring that down to 175-250…hope this makes sence!)

If anyone knows anything abouth this med please feel free to share anything!

I would actually suggest that you repost this as a question in the forum area. It is easier for people to discuss this topic. There is also an active Group for Symlin Users.

Symlin is a synthetic form of the hormone Amylin which controls the rate of digestion. There are many people who could contribute help you on this topic.

I am actually surprised that your doctor won't decrease your ICR which would result in larger boluses and less spikes. Many people (like myself) are actually quite insulin resistant in the morning and need more insulin. I could never eat a waffle or cereal (I don't think it matters if they claim to be a complex carb).