Symptoms of Highs

So I've been wondering what symptoms (besides the obvious i.e. excessive thirst and excessive bathroom breaks) do you get when you have a high bg#?

I get super dizzy and I can't seem to talk... my speech gets slurred, like I've gone out all night and partied, or sometimes I can't comprehend or put a sentence together.. does that happen to anyone else?

I also can't concentrate or focus with a high bgs....

I was just curious just because haven't really heard speech being effected -- perhaps it's all in my head??

Oh with my I work at a bank. One day I went super high like up in the 500’s and my speech was slurred. Then I couldn’t really hear what the customers was saying it’s like I was reading their lips. Even though I would figure it out I STILL couldn’t put two and two together to figure out what to do. I just broke down crying. I was having the shakes and in a REALLY REALLY bad mood because we was busy and I couldn’t go to lunch. I’m not going to lie I catch a serious attitude in those situations.

Hi Jazz,
thanks for your reply! I thought I was the only one with the slurring problem. I thought I was going nuts… I have an associate who works for me who is T1 and she doesn’t have this problem. Another collegue of mine, her husband is also T1 and she said she hasn’t heard of slurring or loss of concentration… however, she did mention her hubby getting into a terrible mood when his numbers are high.


I have observed these very symptoms in my son when he hits 250-300. It is not consistent though. He can be that high and just feel yukky or nauseated but he has had to call me from school and he scared me to death. He was really out of it. We are approaching a year since diagnosis and thought this would be getting easier by now but it seems to get more complicated !!

Hi Michele,

Yes, I start to get these symptoms when I hit 219 or more.

I don’t really get nautious… I hope your son is doing better now. =)

When I am high end up getting a sereve backache legs and feet hurt and burn, plus the feeling I could drink a river dry then spend time getting rid of it very dizzy and when I try to sign I can’t put my thoughts together thats when I hit 250

I get slurred speech and I become incoherent when low… I get dizzy, blurry sight and very dry lips when high. Oh…not a good feeling!

i find i get frustrated more easily, and not necessarily with other people, more with inanimate things. like if the dishes need doing normally i can push it to the back of my mind if i have something important to do (like i’m getting ready to go to a meeting), but when i’m high i get really annoyed and frustrated and can’t get them out of my mind until they are done. or if there is a smudge on my computer screen i can’t just ignore it, i have to clean it off or i’ll go nutty. stuff like that.

I get very very irritable and my eyes get blurry. My husband can always tell when I’m very high because I get downright MEAN!

I agree with the statements about being mean! I can be nasty! I actually CRAVE crazy awful foods when I’m high (which sort of makes sense b/c your cells are all starving). I sometimes get a bad headache and vision problems to go with it, but less frequent than just feeling pissed off and bizarre. Thanks for the post!

Really? Hmm… I haven’t experienced any backaches or any burning sensations, but my toes sometimes gets numb… I did have a neuropathy test done and my endo said it came back normal…

Hello Teena,
dry lips? Yes, I suppose that’s one of the symptoms I get too… I never thought that would be a symptom… thanks for your input!

@Pilcrow, Devon, and Emily F – hahaha, I get pretty irritable too! SO I get you on that one!! =)

Yeah but be careful because the slurring can also be a sign of a stroke. That’s what scares me. I guess some get it and some don’t, but I can honestly say I DEFINITELY do…lol

I notice I get tired. I have figured that if I am exhausted climbing a flight of stairs at work, it is time I chekc my bg. Either it is way too high or way too low, but I cannot tell which. I guess my though processes are disturbed at that time.
One thing is for sure, the symptoms one day may be completely different from symptoms the next.

I get like that too sometimes. Sometimes I feel so bad that I swear my BG be low, but when I check it it’s REALLY high. So idk. Guess at times they can have the same characteristics.

I most definitely can’t concentrate or focus. I get sluggish and sleepy as well.

My body also gets extremely hot and I am searching for a fan and a cold glass of water. That’s my main indication of a high BG