Symptoms of hyper-glycemia but numbers are ok?

I m a LADA diabetic still honeymooning, I was diagnosed last July and have been on a relatively Low Carb diet and use small amounts of Bolus insulin for meals ever since.
I have pretty good control so far, my last HbA1c was 5.6, I measure and record numbers religiously.
However I have seen a progression as far as numbers are concerned in the last couple of months, My fasting BG ranges between 100-125 and I sometimes see a postprandial number of 140. (Usually around 125 though)
My endo recommended on my last visit to keep doing what I m doing and wait to start basal insulin until my fasting BG is consistently over 120.
Lately though I have noticed a change in how I m feeling throughout the day, I am more tired again, sometimes I feel like its hard to focus my eyes and for a week now I seem to have to go to the toilet more frequently than before.
My question is, is it possible to experience these typical diabetic symptoms even with numbers like mine?
I thought for example the "having to pee a lot" thing only can happen when my kidney threshold (?) has been crossed, so I should be experiencing numbers of 180 or higher when showing that symptom?
Or could my symptoms be a sign that the illness is progressing and as I m nearing the end of my remission, my body actually has too little insulin now and therefore its reacting with these symptoms?

Is it (biochemically) possible to show numbers that seem to be well controlled, but only because of a low carb intake rater than having enough insulin available? And might that lead in the extremest case to DKA although the numbers remain ok at the same time? Or is part of the DEFINITION of DKA having super high BG?
Thankful for any answers!

You don't say how often you test your blood sugar, but the numbers you record are near perfect blood sugars! But be sure and test at various times to make sure you are not recording highs at different times of day or night. No, DKA happens with prolonged extremely high blood sugars; you are not in danger of DKA with 140 being your highest spike. As a LADA, the progression is to be expected and it sounds like your endo is keeping a good watch on things.

As far as your symptoms, I would suggest discussing them with your doctor to see if something else is going on. You should definitely have a thyroid panel as thyroid problems are common in Type 1's.

thank you Zoe for this encouraging answer. To answer your question, I measure around 10-12 times a day on average; when I wake up, just before each meal and also 1.5 h after every meal and just before I go to bed.
And then of course there is the occasional extra reading "just for fun" or if I feel strange or if I want to show a friend how it all works or if I want to go for a run or to see how that run has effected my BG or....;)
Hmm, is this maybe why I cant feel my fingertips? ;)

Hi Julez...I didn't recognize you with your new pic. Yes, then it is highly unlikely your symptoms are from high blood sugars and if they don't go away I would definitely look for another explanation. Another thought is a UTI (bladder infection). That can cause frequent peeing and fatigue as well.If you also feel occasional twinges in your bladder area (left side, just above pubic bone) that would add to that theory.

Hi Julez and Zoe.

I've been told that diabetic women have more frequent UTIs because we don't manage to completely empty our bladders, causing/allowing bacteria to accumulate. I've had (fairly) frequent UTIs because of this.

My OmniPod meter will tell me to "Check for Ketones" if I get a reading above 250, so I would not expect any issues at highs of 140.