T:connect mobile release!

I tried extended boluses and found your method works better.

I pretty much only do extended boluses anymore. Its about the only way I can effectively pre-bolus without too much insulin on board. Coupled with taking trulicity, which slows digestion, it becomes essential.

It’s terrible of me, but I’m selfishly pleased to hear that I wouldn’t be able to use the mobile feature anyway. Tandem is hoping this feature will luer us out-of-warranty people back into new warranties. But knowing I wouldn’t like the feature makes it much easier to hold out.

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The new mobi pump will have extended bolus from the ap.
Actually everything will be done on the ap.

Tandem should allow that for X2 as well.

The Tandem Mobile Bolus update was released to everyone today. Great news IMO.

Spent about 3 hours today trying to get it all to work. I got the new app and my pump was easily updated. But… My pump has had issues pairing with any new device for the last year. Every new transmitter has required a pump reset. Last time I couldn’t connect to the app it required a pump reset. I did every troubleshooting step myself today, including resetting the pump. Couldn’t get the pump to pair to the phone app. Spent a couple of hours on the phone with a very nice Tandem Rep. We repeated everything in the order that he was required to use. Even tried to pair with my iPad. It never paired. New pump on the way. I have resisted a replacement pump for my Bluetooth problems up until now because this pump rarely gets occlusion alarms. I struggled for years with several pumps that got false occlusion alarms several times a week or even multiple times per day. I am on my 6th or 7th pump in the last six years and I am terrified of getting a replacement pump that will get occlusion alarms. But I can’t wait to bolus from my phone…

IMO this is a first step in the capability to control our pumps from the phone. I think that things like extended boluses will be available in future updates and that this is the first step in getting the Mobi approved.



I like everything you wrote, except this little bit, because this is my giant peeve with Tandem right now. They CHOSE this pathway. The Mobi was scheduled to be released 2 years before the mobile bolus app was. It was always intended to be released with a PDA, like Omnipod. They chose to intentionally sit on the tech because they could, since Medtronic hasn’t been providing competition. According to their Exec VP/chief financial officer, Leigh Vosseler, “the X2 hasn’t yet reached it’s full potential.” They’ve been saying for years now that the Mobi/T-sport is done and being manufactured in it’s final form, and that the diabetic Tandem employees/family are enjoying it, but that was her justification for why it hadn’t been filed yet. Mobile bolus was supposed to be a perk down the road, not a crutch to getting the device approved in the first place.

For what it’s worth, though, I suspect their guidance has changed on the occlusion alarms since you had those problems. Only because they threw a replacement pump at me for delivering an occlusion alarm while going through their step by step support procedural. It wasn’t even related to why I was calling! I liked that particular pump and wasn’t looking for a replacement. (I absolutely believe some electronics/machines have unexplainable “gremlins” that give them an unpleasant personality.)
The tech just said that the occlusion alarm at that time meant the pump needed replaced. Thankfully, I liked the new pump even more! It’s served me well for 3 years and counting with zero issues. Knock on wood that it keeps holding on.

I think my biggest problem is that the T:slim was my first pump, and it’s very similar to a cell phone. So I inherently expect the tech in my pump to be as modern as the tech in my phone. And my phone is 4 years old, so that’s not asking much. The mico-usb seriously pains me! It makes it feel ancient. I got a sharp reminder the other day while watching a video presentation that this has historically not been the norm with insulin pumps, though. That they rarely make significant changes, and that I’m just spoiled by my introductory experience and being a brat in my impatience.

I didn’t know that the Mobi was originally planned to have a PDM. I used Omnipod for a while and the PDM was a horrible device. I have to admit that I like being able to control everything from my pump with the option to use my phone. Not sure that I want a device that would be useless without a separate controller/phone. But I still celebrate every new piece of diabetes technology because the benefits are somewhat cumulative. Since I was diagnosed before home BG testing, all of this tech is an improvement.


I got my “Bolus from a smartphone is here!” email yesterday, jumped through all the necessary hoops, upgraded my t:slim X2 and my Samsung Galaxy S22 only to discover that the S22 (which has been out for almost a year) is not on the list of supported Android devices.

My guess is that Samsung will announce and release the S23 before Tandem adds the S22 to the list of supported phones. So frustrating.

Same boat here. Got it all set up, see the bolus icon but got the unsupported pop up. I’m running a Google Pixel 3, which is 4 years old now so I doubt it’ll ever be approved. If the S22/P6 was approved, it would have been enough to get me to upgrade.

Anyone have any insight on weather additional Android models will get approved and when?

That was a headache jumping through all those hoops.
It’s amazing how much training was required when it pretty much operates just like the pump does.

My bolus button on my phone is also greyed out but it still functions as it should. Maybe grey is its normal color.

The problem with android phones is that each individual phone can be very different from another so it take a lot to write code to accommodate all of the phones. I’m sure they will catch up eventually.

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That’s mighty charitable. They just released it for everyone. I took the course which would make anyone prefer to be waterboarded for 35 minutes instead, then found out it only works on apple and samsung.

I’m lucky enough to have a compatible iPhone and I love this new feature. It’s super convenient when im wearing my pump in a not so accessible place. I agree that the training was a bit much, but whatever, it’s a half an hour.

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Please be careful if you are gojng to use it. There have been reports of total pump failures after updating. I read someone’s post on a fb group by chance. At least three or four other people said their pump also failed but a few days after the update. So make sure you have back up and be prepared to get on the phone with Tandem to get a new pump if that happens lol my last experience was awful.

:joy_cat: lol

We all need to get used to it. Pumps are going smaller and screen less. Mobi will be coming out soon, but the pods already work this way.
It’s only a matter of time before Medtronic does the same.

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Tandem is actually planning an updated T:slim X3, with with better Bluetooth communications, no more micro-USB charging, and whatever other secret things they tuck inside it for future updates like they’ve done in the past. They know the Mobi form factor isn’t for everyone.


They are trying to corner the market. You don’t like this? Well we still got this. And we got this and this.
It’s very smart of them and also we get more options.

More details here.


It is kinda funny, the email I got was from Tandem Cares, with the subject “Action Required: Important safety information”, And the preview text reads “The new Tandem feature allowing patients to…”. One might think that the email was about this update, so I was disappointed to see that the email actually didn’t contain that text ANYWHERE and was instead a safety notice about certain software versions having various issues and that I needed to update my pump. I thought dang, must have been an accident that they preview said that, like they weren’t ready to release the software yet but were preparing for the emails.

So good to hear that it actually is released, though I will have to find a Win/Mac OS computer to be able to do the pump update. Also sounds like it will be a while before I can actually use the bolus feature as it will require them getting their butts in gear to approve other phones.

I know WHY companies always approve Samsung models first (they are really popular), but that is frustrating as the Samsung OS is heavily modified from standard Android so then they have to go and test and tweak all over again for other Android phones that have stock, or close to stock, Android on them. I feel like it would be better to approve it on the base Android first and then do modified versions, but I’m sure there are other reasons why they don’t. At the very least test and approve it for stock android next.

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