T:connect update?

I have been on a Tandem pump for about 6 months now and have been keeping up with uploading my information to the T:connect uploader. My Dr. wanted my to upload my information once a week but now I updated my MacBook to the new Catalina software. I researched a little and found out that “32 bit” apps will no longer run on this software only “64 bit” apps will now work on my MacBook. So my question is does anyone know if they have an updated version of T:connect uploader that im missing somewhere or do you think thats something ill have to wait for Tandem to make?
-I know its a very technical thing and I may not get an answer (there may not be an answer) but I figured maybe someone else has run into this same problem.
Thanks in advance for any help!

I thought that most computers have been running 64 bit for awhile. My last two, over 6 years, have been 64 bit.


You could give Tidepool a try…yes it’s not t:connect but you can still pull your data and can share with your physician.

Tidepool is internet browser sensitive so follow their recommendations and you will be fine.

Be sure to report if this works for you…


Here soon they are suppose to have a mobile app out that will automatically upload your pump information from your phone. Sometime in 2020 and I thought very soon. You might ask tecnical support about that.

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