T-day Challenge

OK all you D-cyclists. I dare you to get out and ride your bike on Thanksgiving Day. A glance at the national weather map says it ain’t so bad. 38 deg in Minneapolis, 51 deg in Bangor, 41 deg in Butte.

So get yer butt out there and put in a few miles. Post your pics, your BG readings, your carb plan, your story. Let’s hear about how you did something HEALTHY on Thansgiving Day!

Prizes will be awarded.


Ok. I did 30 miles. Ate 42 gram clif bar to start (BG 120). Mid point of ride I was at 140. Ate 25 grams jelly beans. Drank 30 oz water. Ended ride at 85. No basal reduction. I usually drop it by 50% for any ride over 90 minutes. Ate 1/2 a big ol’ burrito and only dosed 1.5 units. Since then nice and steady around 100.
A really nice day to ride. About 38 degrees.

Anybody else get out on Thanksgiving Day?

Hmmmm…not too many interested cyclists, I guess. Oh well…

Shoot! I don’t know how I missed this post! I did 20 miles today, it was snowing on T-Day and I had to drive an hour to my family’s place then two hours across the state to my girlfriends family’s place and then an hour home. Maybe next year we should host since we are right in the middle! lol! I’m glad you were able to get out!

Kudos Mike. 20 miles is great when most folks are thinking football or skiing!

I went running instead of cycling. I usually get out with the whole family on Thanksgiving morning for our traditional turkey trot. There are a lot of other people plodding along the sidewalks trying to burn off the calories in advance.
Once my kids enjoy riding bikes I may try to turn it into a cycling event.
I like to go out for a ride on Cycling Opening Day (January 1) if there isn’t any snow.