T-E-E-N is a four letter word

Today was the day anyone living with diabetes seems to dread...the A1c report card. The last A1c was Horrible (yes that is horrible with a capital H). We went up over a full percentage point. I wanted to cry. There was logic behind the horrific rise. We were moving. My son was spending a lot of time away from me and his care was pitiful at best. It still did not look good and I just could not handle any lecture.

Today's A1c did not have that same excuses. My child has spent almost all of his time with me. We did have our earlier fall rebellion with no testing and minimal bolusing that was bound to have an impact on today's test. Lately though he has been testing. He has been bolusing and our readings? Well they are the readings that now make me understand Joe Soloweijczyk's suggestion to run over your glucometer.

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You are a great mom, and you do the best you can. We measure, weigh, dose, etc… Do what we have to do, and some of us cut back on carbs a lot, sometimes… but we cannot control our bodies hormones, illnesses, or even fight or flight reactions, sometimes… Teenage years are indeed very difficult to handle. I don’t have much to say, except a desire to give you a hug, and hope you hang in there… and reassure you that many of us find you a great source of inspiration to keep going on.