T-minus 1 day!

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I defend my dissertation tomorrow. The culmination of the last 4 years of my life smashed into 1 50 minute presentation. Because of time constraints, which usual for dissertation defenses, I’m only presenting about 50% of what I’ve actually done and written up in the thesis. This makes it challenging to create a nice flowing story of you data when you’re leaving large chunks out of what you’ve done. I don’t know how I should feel right now;…


There is no ‘should’ way for you to feel. Been through this many years ago with my husband :wink: Relax today, do something for you, something fun. There’s nothing more you can do to effect the outcome. Feel proud :wink:

Good luck!

Humble and proud. Humble because you don’t want to P.O. your dissertation committee (ha!) and proud because of all your amazing hard work.

Best of luck!!!

You are probably having multiple feelings. And all are valid. Good luck tomorrow!