Ok so my daughter went to Diabetes Camp this summer at Camp Najeda and she came home talking about the T-Slim. So she started on the pump just before Thanksgiving and I am having some issues with the inserter and sets that we were given. We were on the medtronic mini med for 4 years and she was due for her upgrade and she wanted this pump. She is only 8 but I wanted her to have SOME sort of control over this uncontrolable(sp?) disease. I am a little frustrated and I know that there is a learning curve after 4 years we were really used to the medtronic pump. Also I had to increase all of her bolus and basal rates just yesterday she had three days where I could not get her below 200 and actually had one reading of almost 400. No keytones THANK GOD!!! I am not sure if she is just going through a growth spurt or what. I am just very tired lately and having some issues copying. On a good note we also started the DEXCOM CGM last month and I could kiss whoever made that little device. We watched a video and have not had any issues since. Wonderful little creation that is. Anyway thanks for listening. Just needed to vent to others who understand how hard it is when you have stuck your child 4 times already and two hours later her sugar is 300 and you have to pull the sight and do it again with only about 2 hours of sleep!! UGH!!!!

Thank you so much for writing this. I feel frustrated, as well. My daughter suffers with OCD and a pump is not an option for her at this time as the OCD is geared toward touching anything to do with diabetes. She has been on MDI’s for 4 1/2 years and I can not get her in control. Stress? Hormones? Who knows. But…the most frustrating part to me is that I am T-1, also…and I can’t get my daughter in control?

As a single mom working multiple jobs, I understand how tiresome it can be to have to get up in the middle of the night. But…we have to do it because we are responsible for their medical care.

I might add…I am further ticked off that I can not get assistance with medical because I make TOO MUCH money. Therefore, I am unable to afford the CGM device we need to help establish a pattern to get us both in better control.

I hear you…And it is okay to vent. This forum is hear to help is in a variety of ways.

Thanks. You have a lot on your plate. I wish that we could have a 24 hour break sometimes but I guess THAT aint gonna happen. Well I hope that things get better with your daughter. The last few days my daughter's sugars have been getting better but she is still waking up high. So this morning I did ANOTHER adjustment. I am at a loss sometimes but as mom's we just keep moving on. My husband went on dialysis in January and I am in the middle of getting tested to give him a kidney as well so I feel your pain. I just keep praying and hoping that things will get better.

hi holly I viewed your post the other day but needed to get off to work... I am thinking there are not to many people on tu with the T slim or you might of got some more of a response. how are things going any better?? I am sure there is a big adjustment with a new pump Jacob has only been on the omnipod so I don't have any direct advise. just wanted to offer up some support and check in with you. I could also be that she is feeling a bit of excitement and stress with adjusting to the new pump which could be affecting her blood sugar. it is good that you are having luck with the dex so you can really keep an eye on things. are you working with a pump trainer, hopefully they can help out this is a time that you probably do not want to go it alone. I truly hope that thing have already settled out for you, no fun when you have to do so much guess work and worry!! hang in there at least your daughter has a good attitude, they really are amazing hopefully you can draw on her 'sunshine' and soon you will be able to shine this back on her. please let me know how you are doing, you are in my thoughts and I will be praying the diabetes gods play a little nicer with you! many blessings, amy

Sorry I didn't reply yesterday it was a crazy one. Well things are not much better last night we changed her and checked her an hour later and her sugar was up above 200. Then had to change her again at 11:00. Poor kid got no sleep last night. Well her sugar atleast was 170 this morning so I guess it finally worked. I am just VERY frustrated. I know that when we had our medtronic in the beginning four years ago we had issues with the sets as well but after finally getting it right now here comes another one. What are you gonna do in four years I will be used to this one. It is just exhausting with the holidays and all like there isn't enough to do. You know how it is. No rest for the weary!!

Hi Holly. I just saw this post. My 10 yr old son started the tslim on 11/14/13. It lasted 40 days. His numbers were horrible! He is now back on MDI and his numbers are even better than they were pre pump. We took the pump off on 12/23 and are waiting for the holidays to pass. Once our pump nurse comes back from vacation on 1/2 we are going to try a different infusion set. We have the Cleo and they are just not right for him. Anthony rarely went over 200 on MDI and we had to fight to get him under 300 on the tslim. Is it possible you need a different infusion set? Anthony is running under 100 on 20 total units per day MDI right now and he was up to 30 on the pump running 300 and the pump worked ok with no alarms so I’m thinking logically his issue must be needing an angled infusion vs the 90° we were using. Good luck!

My daughter was on the T-Slim for about the same amount of time and her numbers were horrible too! I am not sure that it was the set though. We went back to her medtronic mini med and that has a 90 angled set and it is working fine. We tried the cleo but the tape really irritated her skin. We also did another set(cant remember name) and we had such problems with it. Three times in two weeks she woke up almost 400 with keytones. We were changing sets two and three times and we changed her basal rate to where she was getting a whole unit an hour. Her highest on her minimed is .85. I spoke with someone at Tech support the other day and told them that my daughter is totally frustrated and we will be calling minimed to speak with them about their upgrade. I told them that I am not sure what the problem was but it just didn't seem like the pump was delivering her basal. She would come down when I would bolus her and then she would go right back up and wouldn't come down again until I bolused. My daughter was so stressed and she asked to go back to her minimed. I called TSlim and told them that the pump just didn't work for us and the money that the insurance sent is being returned to them. We will be returning it. Someone is supposed to contact me. Once all of that is settled we will be calling medtronic for the upgrade to her mini med. It seems to work best for her. Tslim asked me what my doctor said since this is a prescription product and I told them the only reason the DR prescribed it is because I asked him to and they are happy with whatever is working for us. All I can say is Thank God for the Dexcom. I would have had a heart attack with all of the issues in last month without it. It works like a dream without even having to think about it. Atleast that went well. I hope the change in sets works for you!! Let me know how it goes. Thanks.

You just described our situation almost exactly! We didn't have ketones though. It was by far the most stressful 40 days we've ever had since dx. I've spoken to Tslim twice and they agreed with changing sets but never hinted at a return. I'll have to bring that up with the pump nurse today and see if she has any insight. He's never been on a pump before so we don't have anything to fall back on except MDI. I kept being told that with no alarms, etc the pump had to be working fine but now I see that my suspicion that he wasn't getting his basal was probably accurate. For us correcting didn't even work. We would correct and correct again, sometimes every 2 hours, and his numbers would barely drop a few points. I'm glad your daughter is doing well now. D is stressful enough without any added chaos! I'll let you know if we try new sets. I'm actually hoping at this point that we get lucky and can change to a different pump.

I hear you they wont hint at a return you would have to make that decision. I told them plain and simple my daughter has enough to deal with between diabetes and celiac and there is NO reason why this should become another stresser in her life. This should make her life easier and if it doesn't then it isn't worth it. I told them she was frustrated and has refused to put the T-Slim back on and I refuse to push it on her. They offered me a third set as well and my daughter refused to do it. I told them it is her decision she is the one that will have to wear this for the rest of her life and I don't want her to hate it. I did hear from the technician that called that you can use a quick set with the pump as well which probably would've helped from the beginning since it is the set we were used to but she was the first one to mention that to me. It is a 90 degree set but I love it with the mini med. Good luck and let me know how it goes. It is good to know that I wasn't crazy. I started to feel quite inadequate you know what I mean like there is something that I was doing wrong and it was my fault that I couldn't get it right.

Hi, Holly! We received our Inset 30's on Friday evening and started pumping again yesterday after breakfast. It's only been a little more than 24 hours but so far things have been great. His numbers are beautiful. This is what I had expected from a pump and not the nightmare we had before. I don't ever want to see a Cleo again! I checked him every 2 hours last night and let me tell you that waking up every 2 hours and seeing good numbers every time is SOOOOO much less stressful than waking up and correcting every 2 hours! I hope your daughter is still doing well :) Unfortunately our insurance doesn't cover a CGM but at least with good numbers I can sleep a little easier at night.

THAT IS AWESOME!!! I am so happy that things are working out better for you! A pump shouldn't be stressful. Things are going well with my daughter. Still waiting to hear from Tslim about the return but otherwise things are wonderful! Have a great day!!