T SlimX2 Charging

I have had 100% failure of my cartridge/infusion set with FIASP in my Tandem t:flex. With Novolog, I get 5-1/2 days out of a full 480 unit cartridge fill. With FIASP, I have to reduce the fill to just over 300 units and change everything every three days.

But my experience with FIASP has been mostly positive. I had to change back to Novolog while I was receiving radiation treatments, since they wanted the cannula & CGM in only one small area of my abdomen. My BG control went to heck in a handbasket. When they stopped using the raygun on me and I went back to FIASP, control came back immediately. Yay!

I no longer recommend the Jackery Bars. I’ve switched to Anker candy bar sized portable charger https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XS9RMWS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Too many times when I used the Jackery Bars, the charging would stop not long after charging began. Other items I use the Jackery bars for don’t suffer this issue so it’s some sort of incompatibility of sorts.

Agreed @Dave44. Anker makes a great product and stands by them. I have taken covfefe’d product to their warehouse and had it replaced on the spot with no questions asked. That’s not to say I have had numerous issues with Anker products, but that I have at least 20 of them in circulation in my life.

I have had great luck with Anker products. Or at least the ones I have.
I haven’t tried any of their smaller batteries yet, but I have the larger PowerCore bank, and a lot of their USB Cables, etc.

I think I’ve used three or more single-cell battery chargers for charging my t-slim without incidence, either from the charger or change in insulin temp. They fully charg the pump in about 15 minutes.

I frankly think the concern about insulin temperature during charging is dramatically overstated. I’ve had my pumps (T:slim, animas, Disetronic) at much higher temperatures and for longer periods in the Arizona summer heat.

I’ve heard great things about the Anker products and will probably buy one of the larger sizes when I travel over the upcoming holidays.

One of the reasons I chose the t:slim over other options was the rechargeable battery. I use the wall charger, the USB charger on a laptop, a car charger, and a Anker 6000 mA battery pack that itself is rechargeable by any of the three methods above.

While I don’t have a specific number, the 6,000 mA Anker will charge a phone and my t:Slim several times on a single charge.

While I do not live in So Florida, I do live in CA where a major earthquake COULD leave us without power for a week or more and, more recently, our erstwhile utility could shut off power for several days.

Moreover, I’ve been on a liveaboard dive boat for 10 days and cross country skiing in Yellowstone where a generator MAY run 1-2 hours per day for 8-10 days. Rechargeable battery packs are GREAT, in my humble view.

A couple of final comments: only buy QUALITY Li-ion battery packs. I had a cheapo unit that got uncomfortably warm once during charging the battery pack. Fortunately, I noticed it before something bad happened … unplugged it immediately and took it outside to let it cool and never used it again.

Your car battery is a REALLY BIG battery: on the order of 80,000-100,000 mA hours which could recharge your battery pack a number of times even if your car isn’t running or is out of gas. To readily use this, of course, you need a “cigarette lighter outlet” in your car that provides battery power even when the car is not turned on. Some cars have this feature, some cars can be configured to behave this way, and some do not have this feature.

When it comes to recharging my pump, I like options, backups, redundancy, and backups for my redundancy. At this point in time, a USB connector is your best friend.

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Toyota lighters aren’t powered when the vehicle is off.

Do you know if the Anker PowerCore 5000 (on amazon) should work to charge Tslim. I can’t make it work, called the company, they sent me a new one, still can’t make it charge Tslim. It is okay with other stuff. I have a bigger on to keep at home and it does just fine. I wanted a smaller one for my purse as I often forget to charge it until it beeps at me.

I can’t help with Tandem pump issues–sorry. Never had one.

I use an Anker PowerCore10000 and have no issues with charging. Sorry that I don’t know anything about the 5000 version. I don’t see why it should function differently, but what do I know? Is it by chance a bad cord?


I frequently use an Anker PowerCore 20100 to recharge my t:Slim.

Their product line including the 5000, 10000, and 20100 all include the disclaimer:

Not compatible with the iPod nano, iPod Classic; Not for devices with an input below 50mA (e.g. some Bluetooth headsets and GPS devices).

However, as a number of us are successfully using Anker devices for recharging our pumps, I don’t seriously believe that this is what you are seeing.

I agree with Laddie: I’d be suspecting your cable and would be looking at some brand new charging cables.

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I have the larger Powercore and I have used it MANY times to charge my X2.
And not all cables are created equal. Try other sets.
Also, try and plug in something else at the same time you are trying to charge the X2. Maybe that will put enough load on the Anker.

I have tried to charge it with many cords, never worked. But I forgot about the new Anker cord…funny looking the the USB thing on one end and three different plug in things at the other end. One of them worked. Yeay, now to get a smaller Anker cord to put in my purse with the 5000 tube charger. Thanks for the suggestion.

When charging with normal USB cables, have you tried holding the power button for a while to see if it will start charging?
I guess this is used for trickle charging or low amp draw items.