T1 and Early Menopause

Hello Everyone,

So, Grave’s disease, TI diabetes, now early menopause….Geeezzz. I’ve read online that it is pretty common for women with autoimmune disorders to have early menopause. I’m only 35 but have officially entered this unfortunate stage. I was just diagnosed and haven’t begun any treatment yet.

All of a sudden about 6 weeks ago by blood sugar started getting much much higher. In the beginning I thought maybe my Synthroid just needed adjustment and then I ended up having to increase my insulin amounts (basal and bolus) by at least 25%, which appears to be working thus far. I don’t have much confidence in my endo and am concerned about how to control diabetes and all the related complications without my beloved estrogen to help. My cholesterol levels (which have always been great) are already looking worse. I eat more healthily than almost anyone I know and am not overweight at all. What did everyone else do? I really don’t want to start taking statins at such a young age. Any suggestions? Anyone with a similar situation?


I began to be perimenopausal at 35 too and I’ve had hypothyroidsm since I was a teen. I am currently 50 and I still haven’t gone into menopause (no periods for a year). I know that for me, everything began to go downhill in my 40s. I gained weight (35lbs.) when I began shooting 4 times a day and, simultaneosly, taking neurontin for neuropathy. At 48, I began using statins, but you could start early if your LDL goes above 80. Doctors assume that because we are diabetic we have higher incidences of vascular desease (actually there are some doctors that equate the two). Like you, I ate very well and we don’t eat sugars, so they cannot tag that one on us. I think that, given our condition, we just grow older faster or develop metabolic syndrome. I would recommend that you check your kidney function and your eyes yearly from now on. I was also diagnosed with early cataracts in my 40s too.

Make sure that you eat whole grains and complex carbs—it is good for the heart. I use Estrovern for my hot flashes because I don’t want to have hormone therapy…it really screws up you sugars. I don’tknow what else to say except that, once again, we must go with the flow and respond to things as they come.

Hope this helps.

Hi Julie…good luck and have fun. My menopausal symptoms did not start early but they are a roller coaster blood sugar wise at whatever age, I think. Just as most of us notice increased need for insulin cyclically, when the hormones become erratic, so does this pattern. I have 2 settings on my pump to counteract this but there is no predicting. My endo just scratches his head when I discuss this.
My cholesterol had started climbing before my T1 diagnoses at 50. My doc was not too concerned as the ratio was good and my lifestyle was healthy. When I was diagnosed, they put me on Lipitor pronto and my #'s have been great. I had already been exercising and eating well so knew that was not an option to try. I know there are arguements against statins, but I have not had problems. I do take Umbiquinol or CoQ10 with them. Statins reportedly also work to control inflammation so I see it as a necessary evil and am lucky to have it.
I have not felt the need to take hormones, my symptoms are dealable, but I would be comfortable with a low dose if I needed it. Again, good luck…sounds like one more fun adventure for you.

I think the Synthroid really affects your blood sugars and must be carefully monitored.

I just had to lower my Synthroid - twice. My doctor said you need less after menopause. After the Synthroid change, I started getting more and more lows and now with the lower thyroid medicine, I dramatically lowered my basals with less Synthroid and feel less stressed. However, I am worried that I may gain even more weight. I gained 10 pounds when I lost my thyroid as a treatment for Grave’s Disease…