T1 and learnign how to drive

Does anyone know if a teenager needs a letter from the endo to show the MVA to get a learner’s permit? and does it vary from state to state? We live in Maryland.

Love that you will be going through this too ! ! My son will be 15 in early Sept and will be able to get his permit then. As far as i know, we dont have to show a letter from the endo at the bureau to get a permit - I dont know why you would have to ? We have an endo appt tomorrow so Ill see if he says anything about it . (We are in MO)

The rules will vary from state to state. They may have their info online.

you guys are kidding right? I live in Pa. My daughter is 15 type 1. A couple months ago an adult driver killed 2 people because his sugar dropped low, this man has been convicted.It is very important that all know the MVA should know your risks. Teenagers are already stubborn enough about driving and diabetes. we know as parents how quick highs and lows can come. in Pa just to get your permit u need a doctors exam. This might be extreme, but lets protect everyone!

I found out that in Maryland, the endo has to sign off on a medical form.
I think Tonyia is incredibly lucky and brave to be able to have such trust in her son. I trust mine, but he is only human and I absolutely know that sometimes he will not test before getting in the car (late for school comes to mind).
At the same time, a doctor’s exam would not have saved those 2 people in PA, right?
I like the idea of having the driver’s license noted with diabetes as I have heard horror stories of T1 drivers being arrested for drunk driving when they were low and ending in a diabetic coma with the police thinking they were just sleeping off the alcohol.
Anyway, thank you all for the responses, and now, on to the MVA…