T1 seeking advice re T2 relative

My father-in-law recently fell and had minor injuries. A few days later he ended up in the hospital with complications. 82 yrs old, T2, hypertension, on blood thinners, etc., etc. about 12 or more prescriptions. The doctors primary conclusion has been sleep apnea has complicated many of his conditions. And may have been the underlying cause of his fall.

But I wonder if he had a low BG episode. He's on 15 mg of ACTOS. He has a terrible diet and has been refusing to eat. The morning he fell he had only eaten a small portion of egg substitute. He weighs about 220.

I'm concerned that his terrible diet, and the irregular intake of ANY carbs may make the ACTOS send him low. His doctors are not addressing this angle...I intend to raise the issue if it warrants. What do you think?

Anything is possible but if Actos is the only diabetes medication your father in law is taking for diabetes then low blood sugar is unlikely. Sulfonylureas, Prandin, Starlix, and insulin are much more likely to cause lows in Type 2.
It never hurts to ask though rule everything out.

Some people do have problems with hypoglycemia but it usually shows up earlier in life and you would most likely know if he had a history of lows.

Given his age and some of the meds you listed I would suspect blood pressure, cardiac, dehydration, or just decreased mobility as being more likely culprits to contribute to a fall rather than blood sugar.

Cool. Thanks for the guidance…that’s why I asked here!