T1D and Texas Drivers License

4 years ago, before I obtained a CGM, I took my insulin in the morning, had a large supper at mom-in-laws and 1 hour later headed home for my evening insulin. Felt 100% fine when I left but 2 minutes later was wrecked on side of road, presumably d/t Hypo. Received letter to visit DL office, did so and thought all was taken care of. Last week I went in to renew TX DL and told still need to take care of 4 year old letter. If I was too dangerous to drive, wouldn’t they have tried to cancel my DL long ago???
Since my doctor is on vacation, can’t get letter and med records for DL Office field investigation until after DL expires. No driving incidents at all in the past 4 years - am I being paranoid? Any suggestions/comments?

The MD who is covering for yours while he is on vacation should be able to provide you with a letter. Explain to office staff that there is a deadline and this can’t wait until your doc returns from vacation. Good luck, and let us know what happens.

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