T1D Class for Me and Mine?

What are your thoughts on taking a diabetes education class for yourself and your loved one? Is it necessary for him to know the ins and outs of your disease, just as you do? Or is the “overview” of D good enough to get him by?

I’ve been considering signing up for a class, or setting up an appointment with my endo, to bring in my fiance (10 years) and have him learn things like dosages, reactions, etc. He currently knows the basics… like when I’m grumpy, sometimes I’m too high. Or when I’m sleepy, sometimes I’m too low.

But a part of me thinks that he should know a more in depth understanding.

I guess I’m worried that if I am asleep, and really low, that he won’t know the signs that I’m actually near-coma and NOT just sleepy. I know it’s hard to describe and hard to understand… but, I’m just getting concerned. And maybe it won’t feel like I’m repeating myself so much about my dosages and reactions if maybe he went to a short class environment and took notes? I don’t know…

And I also think it might help me to re-learn some things that maybe I’ve forgotten or set aside over the past 11 years coping.

Go for it, I had D for over 26 years and I still go to workshops, D days, classes…all kind of events. Since they remind me of taking care of my self and some times I learn something new that I never thought about before. Also for your fiance if he is welling to learn or may be I should say if he is interested, that will be cool, but you need to go with him. You know we don’t want him to feel like this is a must thing for him or that he is forced to attend. But yes again, if I have my ultimate partner beside me I would like her (if she can) to go with me in every appointment, class or educator visit. That will connect us more and make her/him feel more close to you and know what you are going through!

Hope that I succeeded in saying what I meant to! If not please forgive me!!! LOL

it never hurts to be educated. I do make my husband go to all my classes and appointments with me, but we were married before i was diagnosed, so it wasn’t a preexisting condition for me. But i feel like he’s something of a safety net for me, if something should happen he’s pretty well trained in how to help me. It doesn’t help him get the emotional side of the disease, but physically i know that he knows me well enough to tell that I"m low, sometimes even before I do.

I’d say talk to him about it and find out if he’s up for some education and then take him to see your CDE

I think it’s a great idea! The more he understands about your diabetes, the better! It should also give him an understanding of the nutritional factors that so significantly affect us all and wise food choices. Your lifestyle is affected greatly by your diabetes, and his increased understanding of it and the reasons behind it can only help.

I’d signs my husband up in a heart beat if it was deemed necessary or if it was possible to do so (last time i checked, there where no classes offered that allowed you to bring your mate with you).

He’s been a gem thus far with it, making sure I take my shots and meds, but ya I’d sign him up if only to make sure he had as much info as I do and understanding beyond what he does now (his mom and sis are also type 2 diabetics).

Thanks! I totally thought ya’ll were going to say this stuff… I guess I just needed to hear it! :slight_smile:
I’ve actually already talked to him about it and he said it was cool. I just didn’t know for sure if it was something that I wanted to “burden” him with. I know that I’m not a BURDEN per se, but… I just don’t want to stress him out about me dying all the time. I’m hoping he’ll just maybe UNDERSTAND it a little better than he does now.

It’s certainly not a bad idea. I just may do the same with my DH!!

i think this type of class would be great!! i wish there was one in my area. it really scared me one night when i went low and felt really bad…like i was thinking maybe i should call the ambulance…my boyfriend was there with me. i finally started feeling better and i asked him if he knew what to do if i passed out and all he said was “uhhh…” that’s it. it scared the crap out of me and gave him a big lecture. maybe if we went to a class like this he would understand better. i think it scared him too.

I think it is a great idea to include anyone who is close to you in a D Ed class. The class I took in March, the CDE said bring your family, relatives, anyone you want. The other day I slept for 12 hours (maybe it was a coma), when I woke up my mom was asking me to drive her to the grocery store. I said I was too tired and she said “Why? You haven’t did anything but sleep all day.” I had slept 10 am to 10 pm. Education is a necessity.