T2 and altitude

I searched out many posts here about changes in BS at altitude. Most of them involve our T1 friends with pumps, for instance, or T2s on meds of some kind. I’m a T2 controlling with diet and exercise only (at least for awhile!).

I was recently visiting my daughter and her partner and kids in CA. They whisked me off to Lake Tahoe to see just why they all love this skiing and snowboarding stuff! As an old Minnesotan, I love the snow, but was never a skier. And, in my 60s with fibromyalgia and arthiritis, activities are somewhat limited (though we built snowforts and had great snowball fights!)

The high altitude edema in hands was familiar from all the trips around Mt Hood that I did when younger. But I was horrified at how my BS spiked, even though I was able to eat my usual very lo-carb meals (the kids know how to cook for me). I am usually between 93 and 101 at bedtime. I hit a 133 one night, for instance, and other highs through the day.

Have any other T2s experienced this? I hope to re-visit Tahoe (6000’ or so) and wonder if there are steps I can take to steady my #s

Yes, I’ve noticed it. But I don’t ever stay at altitude all that long, so I’m not sure whether eventually you’d acclimate. For a short stay it isn’t a big deal.