T2 - Reversible..Yes! Cure..No!

Hi all!
My name is Tony Rodriguez. I’m a health coach who also has Type 2 diabetes. For over 25 years I MADE THE CHOICE to ignore my diabetes! Yes…it was a choice. I was in a state of EXTREME diabetic denial and I paid the price!

I was diagnosed in 1988 and in 2008 the INEVITABLE complications r started to take hold of me. I experienced temporary BLINDNESS due to diabetes retinopathy. I also developed heart disease and had FIVE stents implanted in ,my heart.

I was only 47 and the ironic thing was that I was a successful personal trainer who was NOT following the advice I was giving my clients.

Between 2008 and 2014, I received MONTHLY eye injections to treat the eye hemorrhages I was getting almost weekly. I also developed neuropathy foot pain where I had to start wearing shoes that were one size bigger than what I normally wore to ease the pain!

The good news…. I was able to trurn ALL of my complications around! I no longer take any diabetes or heart meds. My last A1C is 5.1!

How did I accomplish this? I’m not going to sit here and say it was easy because it wasn’t. But I was determined to see and experience my granddaughter growing up, who was 3 at the time. So I decided to follow my own advice.

I have a saying - **Get your HEAD right and your A*S will follow!”. Step 1 for me was to do just that - Establish my WHY (WHY I wanted to change), then devise a PLAN to put into ACTION! Getting my head “right” involved making a commitment to stay CONSISTENT with my plan. It also involved a clear, concise GOAL.

That goal was to successfully REVERSE my T2. Not CURE my T2, which many seem to hear when I write and talk about the process of REVERSAL. I WAS ON A MISSION TO SUCCESSFULLY REVERSE THE COMPLICATIONS OF MY T2 DIABETES!

The accomplishment of this goal involved a consistent, relentless application of SPECIFIC LIFESTYLE HABITS relevant to successfully beating T2.! That’s it!

I stuck to the basics. A biggie for me was the process of EATING TO MY METER. Another was changing how I exercised, which for years, was actually making my retinopathy WORSE!
I focused on my sleep and how I reacted to stress.

I was patient. I journaled what I ate and how I felt. Slowly but consistently, things got better.

Fast forward ro 2019 and I have not had an eye bleed in 5 years. I lost about 21 lbs in the last year by going KETO and yesterday my fasting BS was 85!

The point of sharing my story is to show those of you who have given up hope and no longer feel you can live a full vibrant life with T2 that SO MUCH IS POSSIBLE! Type 2 diabetes REVERSAL is possible! T2 almost took me out and I was able to TURN THINGS AROUND!

Does this mean that 100% of you can do the same. No! But MOST of you can! How do I know this? Because If I did it, considering the number of complications I had and their level of severity, MOST CAN!
So devise a plan for yourself to change your situation around!


Well done for getting your act together. That being said - you have been so far very lucky. Getting the turnarounds that you have since you started treating yourself is amazing and maybe just really really lucky. Continue the good work.

Congrats on taking ownership of your health and then driving it in a positive direction. While I harbor definite semantic preferences when talking about a positive change in health status you’ve undergone, the most important thing is that things are much better for you. Words are important but winning and enjoying better health is the real jewel.

I wish you the best of luck with your continuing success. I’m sure your experience inspires others.

Thank you Terry!!