Tabletop display of G6 readings

Does anyone make a tabletop display that gets fed from the dexcom data?

I would love to have one on my night table for when I wake up at night to see how my daughter is doing instead of having to reach for my phone to see…

would be amazing to have something like your typical alarm clock displaying the BG number and an arrow…

How about using an old phone? That’s what I do. I use xDrip+ on my phone, and so that my wife can check up on my bg’s,I use the “follow” function of xDrip on an old Note 2. It is set to landscape mode, nothing else on the screen, uses an xdrip widget and I also have a “dimmer” app to make it really really dim at night. Works great.

I installed a module so that the Note 2 can charge wirelessly, which makes it extra handy as we have about 6 wireless chargers around the house.

We have the Sugarmate app in an old iPad, works great!

I wear a Ticwatch to bed with a Dexcom watchface which stays lit and on all night. So much better than checking my receiver on phone. And can answer phones, runs apps. Its terrific. least expensive watch out there too.