Tagging BG on PDM

Can I tag BG with the PDM so the result is not used in the overall statistics for that day? Example, I test at 60, treat, and retest in 15 min at 68. I don't want that 68 to reflect "another low" increasing the percentages below normal as it is technically the same low..... I saw in a post someone mentioned that they can do this but I don't see which tag I would select unless it would be the "control". Thanks.

You guessed right, it’s control! :slight_smile:

Ha!! Thanks!!!!

It's really a bug in the software used by a lot of blood glucose meters - they simply add up all the readings and divide by the number of readings. This is incorrect, misleading and, in fact, dangerous. We all do lots more readings when we think there is a problem, so the fact that only 26% of my tests are in my target range may be extremely misleading.

It's also an easy bug to fix, and it may be that the Omnipod doesn't suffer from it and takes the average over time, not the average over the readings. I also would hope that the Omnipod computer software doesn't make the same mistake - that would be really dumb - but sadly it wouldn't surprise me if it did.

Other software is available that may report the correct averages.

John Bowler

Perhaps a bit more time consuming but I log all my BG, CHO, insulin and activity data on a spreadsheet app on my iPad or iPhone. Best use yet for the 'forms' function in Apple Numbers. Takes all of five minutes to catch up if I've not been logging on the fly then I can do what I like with the data. Much as I like the pods, I'm yet to find a bit of diabetes software that isn't a PITA, assuming you can get it/the drivers to work in the first place.

There seem to be quite a few iPad and iPhone apps to log data. What I really want is my glucose meter and the PDM to communicate with my iPad via Bluetooth so that everything ends up in one place. Sadly I don't think I'm going to see that any time soon.

I've never tried any of the iPad apps; I don't carry my iPad around in the US (no acceptable prepay data plan, and it's a bit big anyway) and I don't have an iPhone.

The problem I see is having to enter the data twice - once to the Omnipod, once to the app. I know it's quick, but it's the kind of routine effort I find very difficult to motivate myself to perform.

John Bowler