Tahoe Rim Trail Run-August 10-17, 2009

There are a few of us planning on running the Tahoe Rim Trail (California/Nevada) August 10-17. 168 miles in 8 days. We will have car support. The goal is to film the adventure and the run will be for diabetes. We are looking for Type 1 runners to run with us and for crew members. If interested please let me know.

Dave Nevins - runalaska@yahoo.com
No Limits

hey dave ,
john anderson here , have done the past 2 marine corp marathons and am a regular distance runner , only drawback is I am type2 , if you end up needing a non type 1 runner let me know as i would be interested,
thanks ,
john anderson

Hi John,

Thanks for the response. Yes, T2 would work. I have T1 so have been searching for another T1 but T2 would give us a little different spin on the film. To give you a little info:
days will be between 12-32 miles. It will be determined by where the road crosses the trail. We will walk the hills.
It will be a challenge with the miles, multi day and the elevation (6,000 to over 10,000 ft). I am seeking some fun ding and sponsorship although I have 3 other events on the calendar for this year and a full time job so may not come up with much. There are currently 2 other runners. We still need crew.
What is your email? or are you on facebook?
If you are still interested get in touch with me or call @ 907-752-0907


hey guys,
Don’t know if I can be of much help. I’m by no means a serious runner, more of a power walk/jogger type, but that being said I AM type 1 and I do live in Tahoe…so while my running skills, or lack thereof, may be of no use to you whatsoever, I’d be happy to help in another capacity if extra hands are needed!