Take 2 Steps Back: My Battle with Mr. Syringe

Recently my Insulin pump laid it’s head to rest in the land of dead insulin pumps. It was actually drowned in the shower after I had accidentally cracked the casing when changing batteries. All at the same time that I didn’t know my 3 year warranty was up. Great! So my only choice was the wait for the replacement and use good ole Mr. Syringe.

I have not had to use a syringe to take my insulin for over 3 years. I have not had to use Lantus for over 3 years. So Simply, I have forgotten how. Even now, 3 weeks after being set in the cycle, I still forget that I don’t pull out my pump before I eat, I administer my insulin manually.

There is a difference in using a pump and manually administering insulin with a syringe. It’s called Bolus and Basal. The B twins. Which make life so much easier for a pump therapy patient. We use 1 insulin and 1 insulin only. So the result when your pump dies? You forget to take insulin number 2. Mr. Long Lasting. The thing that keeps you safe at night.

It’s hard. Administering your own insulin and remember to do so, is not as easy as using a pump. I have to say I was spoiled. I give props to anyone who has been doing this for all their life. I have had a pump for too long to still remember the habit of using Lantus or measuring the right amount of insulin. My doctor said that I could probably administer insulin after I eat, but I am so used to doing it before that sometimes I forget to eat enough, and then I have to eat more. It’s a pain in my butt to say the least, literally.

I have been having major issues keeping my levels under control because of it, and so I have signed myself up for one of those dumb Diabetes 101 classes at my doctors office. It’s dumb, but I am desperate to get back on track. I don’t like the feeling to being dizzy all the time, or being sick all the time. Not to mention, I got the worst case of stomach flu and it threw me off so bad that they had to shove glucose into my system and that stuff sucks. Never ever do I ever want to do that again.

My insurance is being a pain my butt and my search for new insurance is being a bigger pain, so now I am going to have to go pumpless for a while longer, up to 6 months even. So I better relearn how to administer my insulin correctly again, or I will be screwed.

I tool 3 steps forward when I got my pump, now my war with Mr. Syringe is going to take me 2 steps back. Ah… the life of being a diabetic.

**** In a positive note! I am building the coolest project for my class project using the everyday necessities of a diabetic! Stay tuned!

I had to go back for about a week because of a site infection–it sucked rocks–couldn’t use my cgms either–oh my how quickly we are spoiled!

I am very gratefulto beapumper for sure!

how goes your battle with mr syringe