Take 2?

So my history in brief. I started seeing an endocrinologist last summer because of Grave's disease. I was also showing slightly elevated fasting blood glucose (fBG) at the time, but the endo assured me it was just a side-effect of the Grave's (which is what I figured). After a month on methimazole my thyroid levels started coming down, but my fBG stayed up. This prompted my endo to order more tests and he came back with a diagnosis of T1D. He said I was in the grace period, and wouldn't need insulin yet, but I should test my fBG daily so that we would know when to start insulin.

Months of me diligently testing my fBG and trying to limit my carbs intake passed, and still I wasn't "diabetic enough" to warrant insulin. In December my fBG was consistently below 120, and my endo ordered more tests. My previously undetectable C-peptide levels showed up as the low side of normal. The endo said while this sort of thing was not unheard of for T1D, it could indicate LADA instead.

It had the effect of making me feel like I didn't need to worry about it too much and I got lazier with the testing. I'd start to forget periodically, and I certainly wasn't testing at any other time than before breakfast. Recently, though, I started to make more of an effort to test regularly. I was noticing the numbers creeping up and I was doing more reading on the damage that hyperglycemia does and I was frustrated because I didn't know if or how much my health was being effected over time. Then last week I had a record high (for me) fBG, and that was followed with a couple more mornings over 180. I made a point of testing at other times: it seemed like I could still get down to 100, but that wasn't happening very often and I was getting readings higher than I'd have expected. 180 was sort of the magic number to watch out for as far as the fBG goes, so on Friday I left a message with the endo.

As of this Monday the endo has me taking 2 units of insulin at bedtime (tiny dose, I know). Monday night was my first night, and Tuesday morning I had a new record high fBG. Yesterday and today the fBG numbers are down a little, but not that much. I'm keeping track, and I'll be calling the endo this tomorrow or Monday if my fBG doesn't go down. Might be the end of the honeymoon.

I'm not really worried over it in the sense that I feel like I've gotten all my pondering and fretting done a long time ago. I know, however, that I am not good at accurately estimating carbs (lazy), and I'm really bad at doing anything on a schedule (especially eating), and while I can fix the former, the latter is a massive hurdle to overcome so I'd prefer to pretend it's something I can work around. I know it'll still be a little unreal until I'm knee-deep in it... much like a vacation seems like fiction until you're sitting in the car or plane and actually going somewhere.

Right now in the absence of information and a plan, all I can do is look askance at this community. Anyone have any comments or advice?

One step at a time ;) Sounds as if your endo is on the right track. Starting out small is good (safe); you'll probably need some regular tweaking until you and the endo get your dosing just right. Then, it'll probably change. Regular testing will give you and your endo the info you'll need to adjust dosing. I like your vacation analogy, and totally agree. You can do this!